Fake ‘GDP growth’ number reeks of (literal) manipulation

Lies, damn lies, statistics.

Reality, according to your lying eyes.
Reality, according to your lying eyes.

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California by the numbers

See ya, California, wouldn’t wanna be ya.

The weekend produced a spate of dang-this-is-bad articles on the economic situation in California.  Steven Greenhut’s for the Orange County Register is entitled “California to middle class: drop dead.”  At The Daily Beast, Joel Kotkin laments that “As California Collapses, Obama Follows its Lead.”  (H/t – and a “Read it, people!” shout-out – to Ed Driscoll at PJM.)

But what does all this look like in terms of numbers?  What’s the how much and where and whom of the Golden State collapse?  Perhaps the most interesting and telling thing is that it really is as bad as it looks.  And the reasons are pretty much what you’d expect.  Here’s the California story, in numbers. Continue reading “California by the numbers”