Tax deal blows up over executive amnesty, which will give ‘tax credits’ to illegals

Over a barrel.

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(Image via FrontPage)

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Want hope and a future? Deregulate.

Just do it.

Readers, I was actually, in effect, composing a new post when I responded to Reader of Excellence “jgets” in a comments exchange at TOC today.  Rather than spending time tweaking this further, I will simply post it to get it out there for discussion.

Reader jgets posited the following:

[Apropos this link, suggesting a higher tax rate on the top 1%.]

More ideas like the above from the 1%, a steady reduction in government expenditures and entitlements, a smarter tax policy for the upper middle class, a modest tax contribution from the now untaxed middle class, a token contribution from the working poor, and maybe we’ll get out of this financial mess.

Can the Republicans make a compelling message outta that moving towards 2016? Continue reading “Want hope and a future? Deregulate.”

Liberty 101: Ten things government can’t do without an income tax

Big Brother depends on the income tax.

1.  Think your income is too big and another person’s is too small.

2.  Propose to “redistribute income” using government policies.

3.  Plan government activities based on the expected size of your income.

4.  Treat you unequally under the law based on the size of your income.

5.  Make it illegal for you to earn income without reporting it to the government. Continue reading “Liberty 101: Ten things government can’t do without an income tax”

Liberty 101: Working for The Man

Government mandates that you not be paid what you’re worth.

If Americans want to reclaim liberty in this age of governmental whole-life management, one thing we must do is take the trouble to understand how government makes us work for its priorities and programs.  The price of having a job today is working for the government, just as the price of doing business, for an entrepreneur, is giving the first portion of his earnings to the government.

Many readers will be familiar with the point that we Americans work, on average, until sometime in April each year to pay our taxes at the federal, state, and local levels.  In this formulation, it is only after “Tax Freedom Day” that we start working for ourselves, and not for the government.  Tax Freedom Day delineates Continue reading “Liberty 101: Working for The Man”

Guide to the California propositions, 6 November 2012 general election; UPDATE: Results

Ready, set, vote!

There will be 11 separate initiatives on the California ballot on Tuesday, as any California voter who’s been watching TV knows.  Some of the advertising on these initiatives is absurd.  Most of it from both sides of the aisle focuses on a single point – sometimes a misleading one – as if the voters are morons who can’t string more than one thought together.  Herewith, a slightly more in-depth treatment.  (Prop. 30 is the only one that runs long.)

Bonus features:  (a) a printable crib sheet to remind you which way you want to vote on each measure. (b)  Link to the full texts of the propositions at the California Secretary of State website.

Proposition 30.  Better known as “Hand over the cash or we kill the schools,” Continue reading “Guide to the California propositions, 6 November 2012 general election; UPDATE: Results”