Football Follies 2022: NCAA Week 4

It’s a game of the week pick ’em as fall motors in.

This will be a rough-and-ready update for the weekend, as the just-out “Uranium jerky” post has monopolized all of the time this week here at the TOC Football Commentary Service.  We expect to be back in business on a normal basis next week – and not a moment too soon, given the treats in store for us down the road.

We regret to report that Virginia Tech’s exhausted defense succumbed to West Virginia, pride of the Big 12, 33-10 on Thursday night.  That’s pretty much what happens when one team’s possession time outstrips the other’s nearly 2 to 1.

We’re equally sorry observe that Nevada went down to Air Force 48-20 on Friday night.  (Though happy for Air Force, of course.)  Possession time was even more lopsided in that one.  Great learning experiences for our Inner Circle, however.

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Uranium jerky: Angle on Ukraine (Part VII)

Things that make you go, Hmmm.

Back in the fall of 2020, I published a series of six articles* under the subject “Uranium Jerky” (explanation in the first article), taking note of the extraordinary connection of the events recounted in them to the Obama administration and – among other things – the high-profile Clinton-involved developments of the time, including the sale of Uranium One to the Russians.

One of those events was Goldman Sachs’s unique, remarkable decision, announced on 20 January 2009, that it would become a buyer of and dealer in physical uranium.  It proceeded to do so, and to this day has not shed that role, although the company began suggesting it would do so under congressional pressure at least seven years ago.

I’m still not sure most readers fully grasp the significance of a firm like Goldman Sachs, with little visibility or transparent exposure to observers of the uranium industry, owning and moving around thousands of tons of uranium. Continue reading “Uranium jerky: Angle on Ukraine (Part VII)”

Football Follies 2022: NCAA Week 3

A noble classic or two, and lot more overdogs for Week 3.

We seem to be synced up with the schedule-keepers at the NCAA football websites now, so we’re declaring victory in that little battle and moving on.

This weekend kicks off early for the TOC faithful, as two of our own will own Friday evening.  More on that exciting development below.  Florida State will also be at Louisville, Seminoles giving 2.5.

In miscellaneous weird updates, the SEC has ordered Georgia and Tennessee to cancel out-year dates with Oklahoma because two of them would fall after OU’s move to the SEC, which has been settled as occurring in 2025.  This sounds on its face like prissy nonsense, but it probably has some parsable justification.  It feels like something you could only get briefed on by being held hostage in a small, airless meeting room at a busy airport though, so we’ll pass.

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Two pings on the new, “speaking” Durham filing in the Danchenko case

Ears to hear.

On 2 September 2022, Special Counsel John Durham entered a motion under seal in the federal case against Igor Danchenko – source for the Steele dossier – for making false statements to the FBI.

The motion, regarding admissibility of evidence, was filed under seal because it contained classified information.  The motion was unsealed 13 September with redactions in the Exhibits.  Margot Cleveland previewed earlier at The Federalist the presumption that if the motion were unsealed, we’d be able to discern the direction Durham is going to take the case.

In her view, especially based on Danchenko’s response to the new Durham filing, Durham will have to expose the Deep State’s operations if he wants to keep the case going.  Otherwise, the Danchenko defense will argue, with probable success, that his false statements were immaterial, because they didn’t affect the FBI’s, or DOJ’s or Robert Mueller’s, follow-on choices about investigation of the original matter.

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Football Follies 2022: NCAA Week 2.1 The Galaxy Strikes Back

Early days, but they’re starting to count.

Well, we were prepared for the sports information warriors to decide that week 1 actually encompassed everything from week 0.5 to Labor Day Monday, and this week is really week 2, and it’s a good thing we were so prepared.  Otherwise, on discovering that, sure enough, Labor Day weekend has been re-labeled as week 1, we wouldn’t have had our Back-Up Plan in place.

But we did, it was, and we now introduce to you Week 2.1: The Galaxy Strikes Back.  All the excitement of the Week 2 Phantom Menace, but none of the same games.

What we weren’t prepared for was some way to work in the passing of the late Queen. So we will merely mention it, as we have elsewhere, and add our condolences and a heartfelt R.I.P.

Friday night sees some matches that will probably be enjoyable, with Louisville on an out-of-conference toot at Central Florida (-5.5), followed by Boise State donating 17 at New Mexico.

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