People who want to ‘tweak’ the First Amendment don’t want free speech

Now and then it’s good to have a brief check-in on premises, as in the basic assumptions of our thinking.

The topic was brought home to me Tuesday by an article at Breitbart, by Pam Key, recounting Joy Behar’s dictum during a discussion of free speech at The View that the First and Second Amendments need “tweaking.”

Key quotes Behar:  “When the Founding Fathers were busy with the amendments — the 1st and 2nd Amendments — they did not have AR-15s in there, weapons of war, and they didn’t have Twitter. So both amendments, I think, need to be tweaked a little bit.” Continue reading “People who want to ‘tweak’ the First Amendment don’t want free speech”

Football Follies 2021: NCAA week 13 – BEDLAM!!!!

It’s wild rumpus weekend.

Rivalry Madness is upon us, and as I type, Fresno State (-7) is already up 7-3 on Storied Rival San Jose State in their duel for the Valley Cup.  (The Bulldogs won 40-9.)

The action gets hot and heavy on Friday, including our own TCU and Air Force (which we’ll cover below).  A slew of games spread out across the holiday weekend, giving practically everyone in FBS a chance at national coverage.

Stay with us for the previews, the lore, and the Brilliant Insights.  Bring popcorn.  Bring your Corn Pop stories, if you must. Continue reading “Football Follies 2021: NCAA week 13 – BEDLAM!!!!”

Thanksgiving 2021: America’s mightiest blessing

A blessing to cherish and tend – and a future that depends on it.

Most years now, one of the things I do for the major holidays is look at what I wrote the year before to see how it has held up.

Doing that in 2021 took me back to this post for 2020.  Surprisingly, perhaps, it wasn’t about the pandemic or the lockdowns, at least not in any direct or explicit way.  It was about something that was getting almost no attention at the time: the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ arrival in the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock.

A Tyler O’Neil article at PJ Media was a pretext for writing about something I was already concerned with.  He highlighted an exceptionally important concept from the Mayflower Compact executed by the arriving settlers: the idea of a “Civil Body Politic.”  America’s connection with that concept is unique, historic, and essential, as in, going to our essence as a nation. Continue reading “Thanksgiving 2021: America’s mightiest blessing”

Iran, U.S: Pre-talks posturing ropes in Israel, trash talk, Trump administration

Signals, intentional and not so.

Iran announced in early November that it would start talks on the Iranian nuclear program with the Biden administration and other world leaders this coming week in Vienna.

In preparation for the talks, Iran and the Biden administration have been sending smoke signals.

At a superficial level, the least ambiguous of these signals is probably one sent by Iran, in which the commander of the IRGC, Hossein Salami, stated that Iran “decides for USA and runs its policy”: Continue reading “Iran, U.S: Pre-talks posturing ropes in Israel, trash talk, Trump administration”

TOC Ready Room 20 Nov 2021: Rittenhouse, an odd-duck judge: Checking in on the rule of law

Judicial proceedings and the health thereof.

The verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was rendered on Friday 19 November, by a courageous jury that ruled on the evidence and not on the prosecution’s or the media’s false narrative.

Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all five counts, meaning the jury understood fully that he was acting in self-defense.  As numerous commentators said on Friday, this was obvious to anyone who actually watched the trial.

Not only did the evidence, including prosecution witness testimony, make it clear that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense; Continue reading “TOC Ready Room 20 Nov 2021: Rittenhouse, an odd-duck judge: Checking in on the rule of law”