Fake ‘GDP growth’ number reeks of (literal) manipulation

Lies, damn lies, statistics.

Reality, according to your lying eyes.
Reality, according to your lying eyes.

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Surgeon General-gate and the double standard for mixing health, guns, and politics

The public health realm IS political.

The New England Journal of Medicine has come out in high dudgeon over the vocal opposition of gun-rights activists to Obama’s surgeon general nominee, Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy.  Howard Portnoy highlighted earlier this month Dr. Murthy’s belief that doctors should interrogate patients on whether they have guns in the home.  As Howard pointed out, the provisions of Obamacare mean that the results of such questioning would be entered into the universal health-care database to which government officials would have access.  The NRA naturally objects.

The editorial at NEJM thunders: Continue reading “Surgeon General-gate and the double standard for mixing health, guns, and politics”

Left grossly misleads on Julie Boonstra Obamacare story

Lies, damn lies, and Pinocchios.

Julie Boonstra is the Michigan leukemia patient who recorded a commercial for Americans for Prosperity (AFP) earlier this year, describing the disruption to her treatment when she lost her health insurance because of Obamacare.  [Interesting update: as of this writing, at 2:30 PM PDT on 16 March, the AFP website is unavailable.  Here is the error page that comes up when you try to access it.]

If Boonstra made a mistake, it was thinking that she could assert this, without revealing every detail of her insurance problems, and not come under vicious attack from the media, Harry Reid, and even from a Michigan congressman, Democrat Gary Peters.  She wasn’t intensively detailed and explicit about the problems she has faced.  And the media, along with Democratic politicians, have taken that as an opportunity to call her a liar, Continue reading “Left grossly misleads on Julie Boonstra Obamacare story”

Themes in Law & Order SVU: Your tax dollars at work for you

Such a story Big Brother has for us.

So, Breitbart alerted us this weekend to a Writers Guild of America-East event in February, at which entertainment writers and other intellectual luminaries – including a communications professional from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – will meet to discuss the topic of “The Affordable Care Act: Comedy, Drama, and Reality – Portraying Obamacare in TV & Film.”

Yes, this workshop is about positioning Obamacare in entertainment narratives – series TV, movies – in order to embed themes about it in people’s minds.  The federal government is involved.  And, of course, money linked to George Soros is paying for at least part of this.  Outrageous, right? Continue reading “Themes in Law & Order SVU: Your tax dollars at work for you”

Obamacare: New bad news, new worse news

On the QT…

Seriously, it’s Saturday and I shouldn’t be having to do this.*  But the new bad news about Obamacare just keeps on coming.

So we’ll keep it short.  The bad news:  enrollees in Obamacare are mostly people who already had insurance.  The first numbers coming in from brokers and insurance companies indicate that between 65% and 89% (depending on market) of the 2.2 million Obamacare-exchange enrollees through December are people who had previous coverage.

Going with the most optimistic figure, that would make 35% of the enrollees new insurance customers.  That works out to 770,000.  Which makes the cultural celebrations about Obamacare getting 35 million people newly outfitted with affordable coverage not just optimistic, not just exaggerated, but mindlessly idiotic. Continue reading “Obamacare: New bad news, new worse news”