The bait and switch of election “security”: Timeline nuggets from a colluding cabal

Who’s disinforming whom?

A great deal has come out from the “Twitter files” about the collusion of federal government agencies, Big Tech and social media, legacy/left-wing media, and “civil society” organizations (think-tanks, self-appointed “watchdog” groups) to silence legitimate speech, and to do so on a thoroughly biased basis.

Although the pattern demonstrated in Twitter correspondence has related to several topics, one of the most important is suppression of reporting on Hunter Biden, his laptop, and the Biden family ties to foreign governments and companies.  The files, and testimony prompted by their revelations, have clarified that systematic collusion was behind suppression of information about the Hunter Biden laptop in the weeks just before the November 2020 election.

In fact, there’s good reason to posit a connection between suppression of the laptop story on social media, Continue reading “The bait and switch of election “security”: Timeline nuggets from a colluding cabal”


The fetid swamp of “integrity”: The initiative that scurried from the spotlight

Drain it all; let God sort it out.

The recent articles showing that erstwhile U.S. Administrator of Truth Nina Jankowicz was connected with the shadowy, government-funded British group Institute for Statecraft (and its offshoot Integrity Initiative project) have reopened a can of worms far too numerous to herd into a single post.

Indeed, they’re so numerous it’s hard to keep track of them from one online search to the next.

So this won’t be an in-depth treatment of “IfS/II” and its squirming, hydra-headed mass.  Rather, it’s a few notes on what Ms. Jankowicz was doing in the period when an IfS/II document reflects a connection to her.  Plus some bonus observations about IfS/II.

As far as I’ve discerned at this point, one document out of quite a few – all of which were hacked and exposed by Anonymous in 2018 and early 2019 – identifies Jankowicz as explicitly linked to the Integrity Initiative’s “UK Cluster.”* Continue reading “The fetid swamp of “integrity”: The initiative that scurried from the spotlight”

TOC Ready Room 9 April 2022: Russia-Ukraine, Adieu mon status quo; Echoes of info ops dance in our heads

What’s wrong and right with the world.

The first order of business in the Ready Room is the state of the status quo six-odd weeks into the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Per our RR convention, this won’t be an in-depth look.  But it’s important to point out that the status quo has already changed, in ways that are likely to be irreversible, and that have been flying under the radar up to now.

I think a lot of people realize this is happening, even if they can’t readily think what the specific details are.  Only one border has been breached so far, after all.  NATO hasn’t been drawn into “World War III.”  How bad can it be?

We’ve looked at one detail already:  the immediate failure of NATO’s missile defense linchpin. Continue reading “TOC Ready Room 9 April 2022: Russia-Ukraine, Adieu mon status quo; Echoes of info ops dance in our heads”

Ongoing: Five top-level pings on the Russiagate/Spygate maneuver war

Occupying the position they are compelled to attack us in.

We recently passed the five-year mark of the public breaking of the Russiagaet/Spygate saga (which I reckon to the day the Steele dossier burst forth upon us, 10 January 2017), and a brief stock-taking is in order.

To keep these points crisply punctuated, they will be brief.  This is an overview, not an in-depth treatment. 

I include here the points I consider essential to useful analysis of the “-gates.”  There is a very great deal more that can be said, but these are the points that keep us on track.

Ping One Continue reading “Ongoing: Five top-level pings on the Russiagate/Spygate maneuver war”

Perception Warfare


It’s with an odd sense of attempted manipulation that I watch the opening today (25 July) of the joint naval exercise between the US and South Korean navies. As I wrote back in May, when President Obama “ordered the military to work with South Korea,” joint exercises with South Korea are routine. The current exercise is reportedly the largest held in 34 years, which makes it noteworthy; and of course we can expect the administration in Washington to make a point of that fact in touting the exercise, since the purpose of holding this new series is to demonstrate determination and unity to  North Korea.

There’s nothing wrong with that: nothing that suggests exaggeration or misrepresentation.  But then there’s this.  The US reportedly decided to move the first iteration of this joint exercise from the Yellow Sea (between the Korean peninsula and China) to the Sea of Japan, after China objected to the American carrier strike group operating in the Yellow Sea.  According to the administration, drills will be held in the Yellow Sea sometime in the future, but not this month.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-Il has been reported making threats about the exercise.

Did you know, however, that Continue reading “Perception Warfare”