TOC Ready Room 6 October 2022: Ukraine; or, the world in a pickle

What wrong and right with the world; Ukraine update.

This won’t be a thematically unified post, which is why it’s being put up as a Ready Room.

In some ways, public dialogue on weighty matters is getting sillier and sillier, to the point that one can’t even join the discussion because the premises are so off that there’s no discussing it sensibly.  (I’ve written about this Babel-ization of public communication before, going back to Trump’s first year in office and even prior to that.  Rounds of ritual chanting have largely taken the place of thoughtful speech in the mainstream media and much of standard politics.  The Left is about nothing but this now – people who stray from the model are actively punished –  and although there are still parsable sentences and paragraph-length thought-packages coming from the Right, the pattern is present there as well. Continue reading “TOC Ready Room 6 October 2022: Ukraine; or, the world in a pickle”

Football Follies 2022: NCAA Week 5

The joy has bled out of Mudville after the Sooners celebrated their Big 12 opener by losing to Kansas State.  Other Top 10 teams looked non-dominating (that doesn’t include Alabama and Ohio State), but they still won, if narrowly, so OU had to fall the furthest.  (Two that should have won by more – Clemson and USC – didn’t fall at all.)  Sigh.  Heck of a game by the Wildcats.  They found every soft spot in the Sooner D.  Too bad there are so many of them.

The Inner Circle was otherwise a mixed bag this last weekend.  LSU whupped up right well on New Mexico, at least.  The game wasn’t carried here, so we don’t know how fine and foncy they looked getting to their 38-0 settlement.  We’re a-skeered-a Air Force heading into the Navy game.  Not holding out a lot of hope there, especially with the Mids up above 6,000 feet.

In other action, Continue reading “Football Follies 2022: NCAA Week 5”

TOC Ready Room 24 August 2022: Notes on the Boxes of Mar-a-Lago; the end of an old order continues

What’s wrong and right with the world.

The big news from the last 48 hours is that the Biden White House actually did know in advance of the Mar-a-Lago raid, and in fact had been involved in the issue of the documents held at Mar-a-Lago since at least April of 2022 (and probably earlier).  So the original claim that the Biden White House didn’t know about it was false.

That point has been gone over vigorously since it came out Monday night.  But the latest information on the Mar-a-Lago/classified information dust-up also confirms my previous discussion of the classification issue (and here).

In addition to that discussion, I offer as preparation an excellent 7-odd minutes with Megyn Kelly and former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright, which packages a pretty comprehensive overview of the things that matter. Continue reading “TOC Ready Room 24 August 2022: Notes on the Boxes of Mar-a-Lago; the end of an old order continues”

World crisis: Raiders of the lost files

Fording the Rubicon.

Those who identify the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago as a crisis of the Republic are quite correct, and I am gravely concerned it’s a bigger crisis than anyone is thinking. 

The reason for that is what ensued a few hours after the raid, which reportedly occurred in the “pre-dawn” hours of 8 August 2022 in Palm Beach.

Numerous TV news commentators pointed out Monday evening that nothing like this raid on the former president’s home has happened before in U.S. history.  Americans aren’t the only ones who know that.  We’re also not the only ones who know that proper procedure was ignored by the raiding team, according to witnesses.  The FBI team should have allowed Trump’s lawyers to be present everywhere items were seized, but didn’t (the lawyers were reportedly excluded altogether); Continue reading “World crisis: Raiders of the lost files”

TOC Ready Room 22 July 2022: Biden returns from MidEast, with prejudice; CNN v. Bannon; Bonus tag

What’s wrong and right with the world.

We’re on deck with a full-up Ready Room today, after a relatively extended blogging hiatus.  Strap in for some serious (if selective) situational awareness.

Biden’s Middle East adventure

It turns out to be a good thing I didn’t get the segment on President Biden’s Middle East trip posted on Sunday, as originally planned.  Quite a bit has ensued since Sunday, all of it fallout from the essential failure of Biden’s junket, and the fallout is significant.  It’s what needs to be highlighted up front.

Here’s the short list of fallout items.  We’ll look at a few implications with each topic.

On Sunday, a senior Iranian official made a rare statement about nuclear weapons, and baldly averred that Iran is capable of producing them. Continue reading “TOC Ready Room 22 July 2022: Biden returns from MidEast, with prejudice; CNN v. Bannon; Bonus tag”