Dumbing debate down on the Mohammed cartoon contest and Jade Helm 15

Dumb and dumber.

Pamela-GellerThe ticket price for joining the mainstream debates on many topics these days seems to be ritual ad hominem attacks.  Besides being unhelpful, this is evidence of profound societal illness.

The phenomenon isn’t confined to the left.  We see it more and more frequently from the right-that-ought-to-know-better – or, perhaps, the right-that-ought-to-have-more-backbone.  I wrote about one major instance of it last year during the crisis at the Bundy ranch, when conservative pundits whom we have counted on to bring logic and intellectual courage to public issues suffered “CLIF”:  complete loss of intellectual function.  They went from being able to talk about things like government limits and property rights to being unable to do anything except rail against Cliven Bundy. Continue reading “Dumbing debate down on the Mohammed cartoon contest and Jade Helm 15”

‘Obama justice’: Ferguson ‘protesters’ put bounty on Darren Wilson, give cops list of demands

Mob rule.

Protester in Ferguson tosses a flash grenade back at police, 13 August. (Twitter image)
Protester in Ferguson tosses a flash grenade back at police, 13 August. (Twitter image)

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On the job but not getting paid?

This one bears watching.

I’m very glad Congress and the president decided to make sure the uniformed military will get paid during the government shutdown.  That was the right thing to do.  The move averts a game-of-chicken mistake made in late 1995, when Bill Clinton was dispatching troops to Bosnia while their pay was in jeopardy.

As long as preparations are made beforehand, meanwhile, there’s enough in the trusts to make sure Social Security and veterans’ pension payments go out next month as well as this month. That’s a relief to millions of elderly who can’t just go start harvesting vegetables or sweeping floors if their checks don’t come in.  We can assume Congress will keep a sharp eye out for the potential problems, and make provision for them.

That leaves our Continue reading “On the job but not getting paid?”

Boston bomber: Experts continue to reveal Obama administration’s misleading themery

They lie.

I’ve written about this before: the Obama administration’s penchant for creating “information” themes that misrepresent what’s going on.  My expertise is in military operations, so my points have addressed Team Obama’s methods for misleading the public on the meaning of U.S. military activities (see here as well).  I’ve also written about the administration’s pattern of propagating its info themes by “disclosing” them as insider commentary to credulous journalists.  Sometimes the briefest web search will reveal that what has been “disclosed” is not even true – but reporters obediently retail it anyway.

Now Andrew McCarthy has posted a must-read piece at NRO in which he lays bare Continue reading “Boston bomber: Experts continue to reveal Obama administration’s misleading themery”

Air Force drones in local law enforcement: Yes or No?

Sheriff’s helper.

You might want to get your think on regarding this question, because it has already come up.  The Los Angeles Times reports that Predator drones, operated for border security out of Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota, have supported local law enforcement on at least two dozen missions since June 2011.  Although the first recorded instance involved a Predator returning from a border security mission, some of the missions have been launched specifically to support the sheriff and local police in Grand Forks.

In one case, a Predator supported the sheriff’s department in making an arrest at the property of suspected cattle thieves (who are also reportedly members of the Sovereign Citizen movement).

The cattle thieves Continue reading “Air Force drones in local law enforcement: Yes or No?”