Passover Greetings for 2023

Chag Sameach Pesach.

As often when Passover approaches, there is some trouble in the house of Israel in 2023.

Israel has been there before.  If trouble were going to take Israel down, it would have done so by now.

Passover is now upon us, and it’s time to celebrate the goodness and provision of Almighty God.  His eternal promises to Israel stand; they are made whole in His power, and no other.

May His blessings be showered on the faithful who commemorate the tremendous events of some 3,300 years ago (according to the Jewish Virtual Library), when the Hebrew people departed from slavery in Egypt.

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Brief meditation on weaponized use of language: “DEI” and “disinformation”

Tools to dangle us with.

I’m not quite sure why the “equity” in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) has suddenly become a hot topic in the conservative punditry.  It seems to have erupted in the last 72 hours.

But the eruption is a nice opportunity to drop a few observations on the use of language entailed in the DEI formulation.  I had occasion to tweet this weekend about the same use of language with the term “disinformation,” as it is deployed by Western cultural planners today, so I’m including that in the discussion.

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Football Follies 2022-23: Frogs-n-Dogs do LA

Fat lady alert set. We’re about to have us a champeen.

You might think the big story with the CFPuddle-pop championship for the 2022 season is that none of Alabama, Michigan, or Ohio State made it to the game.

But the big story is that SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California isn’t allowing tailgating, which has us here at your TOC Football Commentary Service pondering the advantages of a Color Revolution.

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Thanksgiving 2022: The brief

Come, thankful people, and give thanks for life and hope.

The best meditation for Thanksgiving 2022 would be, I think, a very short one.

In fact, just four brief points.

One, politics aren’t expected to be widely popular at the Thanksgiving table this year.  This from The Hill, citing a Quinnipiac poll:  “A new Quinnipiac poll found that 65 percent of Americans hope they can avoid talking about politics with family and friends this Thanksgiving.”

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Football Follies 2022: NCAA Week 11

Fun rivalries attend another week of FBS eventhood.

Naturally, the immediate result of the CF*P$quirt ranking was a royal upending of it with LSU’s defeat of Alabama.  I’m not convinced that that game, or Clemson’s loss, justified putting TCU at #4, but unless SMOD hits between now and Saturday, when our Inner Circle Frogs take on Texas, we’ll just see, won’t we?

The Thrilla in Toledo was a lot of fun on Tuesday night.  What a finish by the Rockets in a hard-fought game.  The go-ahead TD with 74 seconds left, and a pick afterward to seal the deal.  Nice!  The Rockets are just where they need to be for the MAC title contest.  As mentioned in the comments on the Week 10 post, Toledo and Ball State both had impressive pass defense, especially with the secondary coverage.  Ball State was a bit more prone to attract yellow flags with it.

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