Football Follies 2022: NCAA Week 3

A noble classic or two, and lot more overdogs for Week 3.

We seem to be synced up with the schedule-keepers at the NCAA football websites now, so we’re declaring victory in that little battle and moving on.

This weekend kicks off early for the TOC faithful, as two of our own will own Friday evening.  More on that exciting development below.  Florida State will also be at Louisville, Seminoles giving 2.5.

In miscellaneous weird updates, the SEC has ordered Georgia and Tennessee to cancel out-year dates with Oklahoma because two of them would fall after OU’s move to the SEC, which has been settled as occurring in 2025.  This sounds on its face like prissy nonsense, but it probably has some parsable justification.  It feels like something you could only get briefed on by being held hostage in a small, airless meeting room at a busy airport though, so we’ll pass.

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Football Follies 2022: NCAA Week 2.1 The Galaxy Strikes Back

Early days, but they’re starting to count.

Well, we were prepared for the sports information warriors to decide that week 1 actually encompassed everything from week 0.5 to Labor Day Monday, and this week is really week 2, and it’s a good thing we were so prepared.  Otherwise, on discovering that, sure enough, Labor Day weekend has been re-labeled as week 1, we wouldn’t have had our Back-Up Plan in place.

But we did, it was, and we now introduce to you Week 2.1: The Galaxy Strikes Back.  All the excitement of the Week 2 Phantom Menace, but none of the same games.

What we weren’t prepared for was some way to work in the passing of the late Queen. So we will merely mention it, as we have elsewhere, and add our condolences and a heartfelt R.I.P.

Friday night sees some matches that will probably be enjoyable, with Louisville on an out-of-conference toot at Central Florida (-5.5), followed by Boise State donating 17 at New Mexico.

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Football Follies 2022: NCAA Week 2

Football announces its presence with authority.

[The fervent hope was to get this posted without a power outage, but that hope is moot now.  The trons are flowing again, however, and we’ve just been able to verify that Oklahoma State seems to be having no difficulty with Central Michigan — though we haven’t seen a lick of the game.  108F, in case you were wondering. – J.E.]

Week 2 this year is, of course, awash in mismatches, it being Throw-away time on the calendars of the upper percentiles as they prepare for their conference contests a few weeks hence.  The entertainment factor could be (a) high, or (b) low, depending on how you like your football.  We like to see our teams win, and otherwise to throw popcorn and make with the witticisms as basically any old game swims into our ken.  So Labor Day’s 4-day gridiron marathon is made to order.

We neglected to culturally enrich the football commentary last week with the reconstructed image of Greek philosopher Aristotle as an offensive lineman, and will repair that deficiency forthwith.

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Thanksgiving 2021: America’s mightiest blessing

A blessing to cherish and tend – and a future that depends on it.

Most years now, one of the things I do for the major holidays is look at what I wrote the year before to see how it has held up.

Doing that in 2021 took me back to this post for 2020.  Surprisingly, perhaps, it wasn’t about the pandemic or the lockdowns, at least not in any direct or explicit way.  It was about something that was getting almost no attention at the time: the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ arrival in the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock.

A Tyler O’Neil article at PJ Media was a pretext for writing about something I was already concerned with.  He highlighted an exceptionally important concept from the Mayflower Compact executed by the arriving settlers: the idea of a “Civil Body Politic.”  America’s connection with that concept is unique, historic, and essential, as in, going to our essence as a nation. Continue reading “Thanksgiving 2021: America’s mightiest blessing”

Paris, the Russian airliner, Lebanon: ISIS is enlarging the war

The center cannot hold.

The house of war comes to Paris. (Image: EPA, Etienne Laurent via UK Guardian)
The house of war comes to Paris. (Image: EPA, Etienne Laurent via UK Guardian)

his will be a quick update tonight, with less of the usual analysis, because I just don’t have time.

I have no doubt that ISIS is behind the recent attacks that have been spreading out around the Syria/Iraq theater.  ISIS has claimed responsibility for all of them, and it is credible that ISIS is behind them (although they are being executed through ISIS affiliates in each local area.  The core leadership of ISIS doesn’t have to be involved in planning or managing each attack, and I assume unless it’s proven otherwise that it is not).

But this is not a minor campaign of pinpricks from single-venue terror attacks, randomly distributed here and there.  This is a full-blown campaign: a strategy on ISIS’s part. Continue reading “Paris, the Russian airliner, Lebanon: ISIS is enlarging the war”