10 thoughts on “New Durham filing in Sussmann case hits paydirt at home plate (although not the way you may think)”

  1. Something tells me that none of this is related to improving O44’s NCAA March Madness bracket predictions.

  2. Am I understanding correctly that someonewas using the Russian telecom company’s devices or networks to communicate with Donald Trump or someone associated with him (or at East that Joffe was looking for such communications)?

    Separately, it’s interesting that the CIA was used to launder the new misinformation against Trump when access through the EOP was presumably hindered in early February of 2017. Why the CIA? Was someone there in on the scam? Does the imprimatur of the CIA make “intelligence” look more legit?

  3. So do the Russians, PRC, NorKs, and Iran have the same access? In which case it is public laundry, but not something we do to ourselves.

    And if those “competitors” ( to be polite for the moment) don’t have the same access, then it is sedition, seeking to undermine a legitimately elected government.

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