So, what they’re saying is: We skeptics were right about the Iran “deal”

It’s the droids, dude.

A fresh lament has emerged in the languid saga of the non-deal Iran “deal.”  Suddenly the spin is off the talking point.  Right out there in the open, people have abandoned the sweaty effort of talking as if there’s a deal when there isn’t one, and have lapsed into describing reality, which is that there are just more talks on the horizon – probably, maybe, if the Iranians come back after walking out on Tuesday – and an agreement is looking somewhere between “meh” and “not happening.”

That didn’t take long.  Take a moment to consider what did just happen.  For a brief few days in November, there was a paroxysm of manufactured rejoicing over what was basically the false report of a “deal” having been concluded with Iran.  A few voices pointed out at the time that there wasn’t actually a deal, in the sense of Iran agreeing to do or stop doing anything meaningful on the Western negotiators’ list.  The Iranians themselves went back home and assured their population, in Farsi, that there was no deal. (Technically, what they said was that the activities the West said they were suspending would continue.)  They even advised Western media that the Obama administration was making inaccurate statements about the “deal.”

But the rejoicing rose to a crescendo in the West.  Obama and the heads of the EU-3 did a victory lap.  Long-frozen Iranian financial assets were thawed.  More oil and gas began to flow.  (More than what was already flowing under the very porous sanctions.)  Obama pressed Congress – continues to press Congress – to hold off on a proposal to yet again tighten U.S. sanctions against Iran.  Russia knocked over furniture in the rush to proclaim that the new era with Iran means the West doesn’t need missile defenses in Europe after all.

The truth has nevertheless surged out incontinent: there is no deal.  Iran has not agreed to suspend uranium enrichment.  Iran has not agreed to enrich only to the lowest level of purity.  Iran has not agreed to cut the number of centrifuges she has in operation.  Iran has not agreed to shut down, or work toward shutting down, or even negotiate the finer points of talking about shutting down construction on the plutonium reactor at Arak.  Iran hasn’t agreed to ship any of her stock of enriched uranium out of the country; Iran hasn’t agreed to actually do anything, other than not cut off the possibility of future talks, as long as they’re at Iran’s leisure and on Iran’s terms.

Frankly, I’m feeling a little disrespected here.  The least the media and the Obama administration could do is keep the charade going.  Keep pretending there’s a deal, instead of dropping that effort as if it’s just too much trouble, and we’re all toddlers with two-minute attention spans anyway.

Well, actually, I’m sure they’ll be back talking about a “deal,” the next time it’s rhetorically convenient to do so.  One day there’s a “deal,” the next day there are walkouts and pessimism, and back and forth it will go, as if we out here in radioland can’t remember what they told us yesterday.Obi Wan 3

We’re way past the Nazi propaganda model here.  Get the ever-changing Truth-Theme of the Day down to the Truth-Theme of the Hour, and we’ll be past Stalin and straight on to Mao 2.0: no passing Go, no collecting $200.  And all right out here in the global-warmed light of day.  The mainstream media seem to constitute little more than a big echo chamber, or perhaps a self-gazing pool of Narcissus: the ultimate arbiters of their own context, and therefore simply a freak-show, dancing with an idiot giggle on the edge of reality.

You want to say, “Hey, we can see what you’re doing, bub.” But it doesn’t seem to matter anymore.  Reality is over here, where Iran hasn’t stopped uranium enrichment or her progress toward a bomb, and Obamacare is changing lives for the worse, right before our eyes.  There’s an ever-shrinking core of true believers who seem to think Obama and his friendly media are Obi-Wan Kenobi, convincing us that these droids in front of us aren’t the droids we’re looking for.  But we know the droids when we see them.  The question is what else Obi-Wan is going to do in the next three years, thinking the Force is with him.

J.E. Dyer’s articles have appeared at Hot Air, Commentary’s “contentions,Patheos, The Daily Caller, The Jewish Press, and The Weekly Standard online. She also writes for the new blog Liberty Unyielding.

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10 thoughts on “So, what they’re saying is: We skeptics were right about the Iran “deal””

  1. I have to assume that Iran will get the bomb before Obama is out of office or Israel will attack Iran (and Iran may still get the bomb). Is there another plausible scenario out there that’s going to happen?

    1. Opticon will have her own thoughts but I foresee several possibilities.

      Iran gets the bomb and seizes the Strait of Hormuz through which one third of the world’s oil passes and oil prices skyrocket.

      Iran gets the bomb and invades east Saudi Arabia and seizes the oil fields.

      Iran gets the bomb and does nothing for a few years but build up its arsenal and development of long range missiles. then the fun begins.

      Iran uses its nukes as protection, targeting Berlin, and other non-nuclear European capitals and, sends Hezbollah teams through Turkey to infiltrate Europe and through Mexico to infiltrate America. It ships its new shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles in commercial container ships using third parties to get the missiles into Europe and America and then the terrorist teams start blowing commercial airliners out of the sky. Completely shutting down air travel in Europe and America.

      Israel attacks Iran and Obama has the perfect excuse to cut off all aid to Israel and backs a UN resolution to establish economic sanctions against Israel. That’s Obama threat to keep Israel from attacking Iran.

      That’s just a few scenarios.

  2. The purpose of the administration’s ‘dog and pony show’ is to buy the Iranian’s time, until they can announce that they’ve gone nuclear. Then the Obama administration can say, well, it’s now an accomplished fact and since its a fait accompli…what difference, at this point does it make now?

    Then Obama will portentously announce our new ‘doctrine of containment’. All of this was so that he actually didn’t have to do anything, except of course to talk, which is all he knows how to do.

    And when this leads to a nuclear terrorist attack upon a US city (hopefully before Hillary gets in) he can declare martial law and “fundamentally and irreversibly transform” America into ‘The United Socialist States of Amerika’, one without all those pesky ‘negative rights’.

    And then, he can run the government as “ruthlessly effective” as he wishes, just like his new favorite fictional TV series “House of Cards”

    1. The President wouldn’t know effective if it was tattooed on his forehead. If his job depended on being effective, he would be sweeping streets. He would require backup to sweep behind him without a doubt. Regards GB.

  3. Israel demolishes Iran with the backing of Saudi Arabia (financial and logistics).
    “Surprisingly” Iran turns out to be nothing more than Scary Halloween Pufferry. Iran’s mercenary groups may scatter instead of being being hunted down to the last man and slaughtered.
    Iran’s mighty Navy may last a few hours. The people in power move to where their money has been stashed and it is every man for himself.
    The Egyptian Military easily saw through the Charlatan Obama and his love for The Muslim Brotherhood. They made Obama impotent and un-important very quickly.
    The Israelis and the Saudis will continue that trend. The Middle East will never be the same. However, the conflict between Sunni and Shia will continue until the sun reaches super nova status. They still won’t get it.
    Obama will continue to turn every corner, turn over every stone, make any statement needed to re-enforce the fact he is the biggest political fool in the history of The United States. Speaking of fools, the Obama voters represent the essence of Boobus Americanus. Send me your un-educated, lazy, un-informed, gullible, dreamers, something for nothing masses and I will really make a mess.
    It is interesting the First Lady has a better sense of self respect and self preservation than Obama.
    If you like your fool, you can keep him.

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