Two men, no authority

We need the men.

Daniel J. Flynn is taking heavy fire over at The American Spectator for his editorial post on the Martin-Zimmerman case, “Two Males, No Men.”  Flynn’s thesis is that neither George Zimmerman nor Trayvon Martin exhibited the traits of responsible manhood in their deadly nighttime scuffle.  Martin, in his personal life, knew no better than to try to establish himself as masculine through delinquency and street fighting.  Zimmerman, for his part, was seeking a masculinity his passive father never modeled, struggling with cage-fighting classes and an aspiration to enter law enforcement.  Flynn summarizes it this way (my interjections):

Civilizing men out of existence has come at great cost to civilization. Instead of men, we get feminine imitations lacking beauty. [Zimmerman] We get lost boys compensating by becoming barbarians. [Martin] We get Sanford, Florida, February 26, 2012.

Pace his critics – most of whom are off doing battle with red herrings – Flynn has got something here.  That said, what he’s got is incomplete. Continue reading “Two men, no authority”

If You Want to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life

Women are unhappy. MoDo concludes from this that men age better and have it all, and we just have to live with the paradox and embrace the suck.

… Never read Maureen Dowd again

It’s kind of like listening to the argument about “47 million uninsured Americans!”  The statistics, investigated, don’t support the proposition:  that the government needs to become a major player in the health care market or folks’ll be (or keep) dying in droves.  The whole debate furrows your brow, at first, and then causes your eyelids to droop.  When you are jerked awake by a fresh assault you mutter “12 million illegals” and “a bunch of people between jobs” and “more millions who can afford insurance and just don’t buy it.”  You also have, lurking in the back of your mind, the salient facts that insurance costs so much because state governments levy a lot of coverage requirements practically no one needs, and won’t allow insurers to compete with lower-priced, less-coverage/higher-deductible insurance.  More of the uninsured would choose or be able to buy insurance if states would let them buy less.

You know this “47 million uninsured Americans!” is all a big con-job talking point, and yet they just keep using it.  Periodically they send the women out to weep about the plight of uninsurance.  Don’t bother them with facts or reason:  there are people out there who are uninsured!

This is reminiscent, in attitude and tone, of how MoDo always seems to come off on the topic of women and whether we’re happy or not. Continue reading “If You Want to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life”