Cruel, dismissive Obamacare: People are just statistics

Designed to hurt, right from the start.

And even though people are just statistics, the Obamacare planners still didn’t get it right.

Here’s a fun quote from a health-care industry consultant in November 2013 (emphasis added):

Some advocates argue that these narrow networks [with fewer doctors and hospitals in them] are a fine way to cut costs. They note that the majority of people expected to buy coverage on the exchanges are uninsured, and that even a narrow network is better than nothing. Continue reading “Cruel, dismissive Obamacare: People are just statistics”


Censored: Most-wanted terrorist photos on Seattle buses

Crazy like a slug.

You know why, of course.  The world’s most-wanted terrorists are mostly Muslims.  Of the 32 at the FBI website, 30 are Muslims; two are not.  (The other two are Joanne Deborah Chesimard, a Black Liberation Army terrorist from the 1970s who escaped from prison in New Jersey and is thought to be living in Cuba; and Daniel Andreas San Diego, an alleged animal-rights terrorist with two bombings to his credit, in San Francisco in 2003.)

As Accuracy in Media reports, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force proposed, in a pilot program with the State Department’s “Rewards for Justice” initiative, to place photos of 16 of the Most Wanted terrorists on the sides of buses in Seattle.  Seattle was selected for a reason: Continue reading “Censored: Most-wanted terrorist photos on Seattle buses”

NLRB tried to save America from dumb, unskilled Southern workers

Useless idiots.

I had to check my paper copy of the Wall Street Journal today to make sure this wasn’t some elaborate prank.  Then I double-checked what year it is, to make sure I hadn’t been slingshotted around the sun and found myself back in 1975.

That’s about when I remember it last being routine for Rust Belt lawyers to publicly disparage the skills and education of people from the South.  The only thing missing from the op-ed by Chicago-based lawyer Thomas Geoghegan is the word “hick” or “hillbilly.”  WSJ is to be applauded for its determination to feature different viewpoints, but Geoghegan’s piece certainly pushes the envelope.

The topic is the NLRB ruling against Boeing moving its assembly plant for the Dreamliner to South Carolina.  And it really is as bad as my intro suggests. Continue reading “NLRB tried to save America from dumb, unskilled Southern workers”