EU officials: Obama about to redefine the ‘Munich moment’ with Iran?

Peace in our time.

Peace in our time.  (Reuters)
Peace in our time. (Reuters)

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Gen. Zinni: Two brigades could push ISIS back into Syria ‘in a heartbeat’

Bad choices and worse ones.

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The unguarded life is unsustainable

Guard thyself.

Americans are learning a powerful lesson right now. A community of public trust isn’t the natural state of things, especially not at the complex level inherent in modern urban life.  It depends on the constant supervision of qualities our society has been busy making fun of and rebelling against for at least the last 45 years.

Here is the example that got me thinking about it recently.  Victor Davis Hanson wrote last week, as he has several times, about the rampant property theft in his area of California.  People come onto his property uninvited in order to scope out the equipment he has installed on it, and then come back later to steal the stuff.  Nothing can be left out unattended.

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