Did Geithner threaten S&P over downgrade, before Holder brought lawsuit?

You talkin’-a me?

Debtfella (Reuters photo)
Debtfella (Reuters photo)

Hardly anyone remembers now that the Obama justice department brought a civil suit against Standard & Poor’s in February 2013, making the following allegation about S&P:

The United States said S&P inflated ratings and understated risks associated with mortgage securities, driven by a desire to gain more business from the investment banks that issued those securities. S&P committed fraud by falsely claiming its ratings were objective, the lawsuit said. Continue reading “Did Geithner threaten S&P over downgrade, before Holder brought lawsuit?”

Palin knocks it out of the park

Lady’s got chops.

Few people in the public eye have said anything useful about the recent unpleasantness with the national debt and the national credit rating.  The president hasn’t.  The vice president hasn’t.  Surprisingly few of the declared Republican candidates have.  The MSM haven’t.  They’re busy trying to make the expression “Tea Party downgrade” go viral.

Indeed, at this hour of reckoning, with the Dow plunging and markets in turmoil around the world, the MSM have achieved another playground-taunt triumph with the silly Newsweek cover featuring an unflattering photo of Michelle Bachmann.  These people seem to have no sense of proportion, no judgment, no recognition that things have become serious and the time for sophomoric media jabs is past. Continue reading “Palin knocks it out of the park”