‘Rainbow’ parody of U.S. flag flies in Air Force base housing

Totalitarian diversity.

(Photo: Brian Kolfage, Wounded American Warrior)
(Photo: Brian Kolfage, Wounded American Warrior)

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Defense cuts and the fragile, undefended bubble we now live in

Peace in our time.

What is there to say that most readers even need to hear?  As he did so often, Reagan summed it up nicely in a brief, well-known phrase:

Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong.

An especially important point here is that the converse is true.  The conditions for major war develop much more easily when the U.S. is too weak. They are developing as we speak. Continue reading “Defense cuts and the fragile, undefended bubble we now live in”

Air Force Secretary’s wrong answer on nuke-force cheating scandal

On the QT…

Leadership 101.  Some well-intentioned comments are just the wrong answer.  The video clip from this one (video below at LU link) has been driving me nuts today.  We can hope there’s someone in the chain of command who’s got the right perspective on the problem (we can hope, to start with, that what we’re being told about the problem is accurate and truthful).  But it isn’t Secretary Deborah Lee James.

The reported problem is that officers at Malmstrom Air Force Base – officers who manage America’s nuclear-armed Minuteman III ICBMs – have been implicated in both a major cheating scandal and a drug scandal Continue reading “Air Force Secretary’s wrong answer on nuke-force cheating scandal”

Rock, hard place, Syria

Force depth: all gone.

Through his latest action, calling for a vote of Congress on a strike against the Assad regime – but not trying to make it happen quickly – Obama has crystallized the Syria dilemma to the fullest extent.

It is no longer necessary to predict that failure to make good on his promise about a “red line” will be fatal to American credibility.  The die is cast.  We have reached the limit of fate’s tolerance for indecision, and the verdict is in: Obama, and the West, couldn’t handle this one.

But hold that thought for a moment – call it the rock in this scenario – and let us consider the hard place, which has its own argument to make.  Those who have continued to press for a military response in Syria seem not to understand that the situation of the U.S. military is severely compromised, due to the very real effects of not spending on readiness.  We literally do not have the forces available to expand on any limited strikes we might undertake. Continue reading “Rock, hard place, Syria”