Themes in Law & Order SVU: Your tax dollars at work for you

Such a story Big Brother has for us.

So, Breitbart alerted us this weekend to a Writers Guild of America-East event in February, at which entertainment writers and other intellectual luminaries – including a communications professional from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – will meet to discuss the topic of “The Affordable Care Act: Comedy, Drama, and Reality – Portraying Obamacare in TV & Film.”

Yes, this workshop is about positioning Obamacare in entertainment narratives – series TV, movies – in order to embed themes about it in people’s minds.  The federal government is involved.  And, of course, money linked to George Soros is paying for at least part of this.  Outrageous, right? Continue reading “Themes in Law & Order SVU: Your tax dollars at work for you”

Gun laws and trusting the government

Give ’em an inch.

Reportedly, a pair of U.S. Senators – Republican Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia – have put together a compromise on extending background checks, as a way of keeping some element of President Obama’s gun-restrictions proposal alive in Congress.

Toomey was reassuring about the concern that “universal background checks” would lead to a national gun registry:

Responding to claims by opponents, including the NRA, that more background checks would lead to a national gun registry, Toomey said, “It simply doesn’t happen.”

Not quite clear what that sentence means, but it is being interpreted as indicating that gun owners’ concerns are groundless.

Are they? Continue reading “Gun laws and trusting the government”