Updates on recent TOC speaking engagements: Iran; The Reagan Strategy

TOC, multimedia version.

Readers, for your delectation, I’m providing here a couple of links to video recordings of talks I have given recently in the Los Angeles area.

The one at this link was given on 1 October 2013 to the San Fernando Valley Republicans.  The topic is “The Reagan Strategy”; the content relates to the analysis in my forthcoming book of Reagan’s strategy to strengthen America and win the Cold War.  I connect that strategy to our political needs today, to overcome America’s problems, reinstitute a political culture of liberty, and win over the progressive, collectivist left in the political arena.

The video here is from the 18 November 2013 panel for Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors on the “Iran Time Bomb.”  The other panelists are Rick Richman and Elan Journo, both very knowledgeable analysts and writers.


TOC speaking engagement 18 November in Los Angeles

For readers who will be in the Los Angeles are on 18 November, I will be participating in a panel event on Iran that evening, for the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors.  This is the wonderful group I have done a few engagements for over the last several years.  CJHS president Doris Wise Montrose does a great job promoting awareness on issues relating to U.S. and Israeli security, as well as American liberty, national strength, Western ideals, radical Islamism, and the resurgent problem of anti-Semitism.

The panel on the 18th, entitled “Iran: The Timebomb,” will feature Rick Richman and Elan Journo, Continue reading “TOC speaking engagement 18 November in Los Angeles”

TOC event in Los Angeles on 24 June


Recovering Our strength
Recovering Our strength

As indicated by the new thumbnail on the TOC blog, I will be appearing in Los Angeles for Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors on the 24th, to speak about my forthcoming book, The Reagan Strategy.

Reagan’s strategy for rebuilding America and defeating the ideology of communism to win the Cold War has important lessons for the America of today.  Here is the teaser for the event on 24 June:

Today’s world seems to be coming apart at the seams, even here in America.  Old political solutions appear increasingly inadequate Continue reading “TOC event in Los Angeles on 24 June”