Zero to nowhere: Obama’s Syria-Iraq ‘policy’ leaves reality behind

My kingdom for a strategy.

Syria is burning. (Image: AFP via BBC)
Syria is burning. (Image: AFP via BBC)

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So…what should we be doing in foreign policy now?

Doing less with less.

The pessimism out there is palpable, and for good reason.  They’re all right.  Richard Fernandez: Olympus has fallen.  Bryan Preston: We are so screwed.  Stephen Green (VodkaPundit): Pastis in our timeNational Review: On Syria, from bad to worse.  Victor Davis Hanson: Putin – Saruman Come Alive.*  Peggy Noonan: Team Obama, people who know nothing – really nothing – about history.  Kori Schake (Foreign Policy): Obama speech remarkably – alarmingly – flabby.  Ann Coulter: Syrial losers.  Jackie Gingrich Cushman: Obama on Syria: Following from behind.  Hal G.P. Colebatch (American Spectator): Obama as Queeg: A few cruise missiles short in the leadership arsenal.

On it goes. Continue reading “So…what should we be doing in foreign policy now?”

Russia, China, India: Doing the jobs Americans won’t do


The US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, lambasted her colleagues on the UN Security Council on Wednesday for failing to agree that climate change is a threat to international security and peace.

Due to objections from Russia, China, and India, the UNSC was unable to adopt even a non-binding Presidential Statement to this effect, settling instead for a much watered-down version.  Rice was beside herself (emphasis added): Continue reading “Russia, China, India: Doing the jobs Americans won’t do”