Hillary: Guns laws ‘too lenient,’ must be ‘reined in’

Gun talk.


Gun whisperer.
Gun whisperer.

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State Dept called it terrorism on 9-12-12; Obama doing debate prep on the 11th?

Puzzle pieces.

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Senate Report on Benghazi: It really was that bad

Two points and a What next?

To read the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the Benghazi attack of 11 September 2012 is to come away with a sense, not of conclusions, but of unfinished business.  Things can’t be left as they are.  The Obama administration’s lack of responsiveness and accountability at every level is simply too much.  There is little we can do about the past.  But the profile exhibited by this administration’s leadership cannot be America’s future.

The report is 85 pages, and the Washington Post has it online here.  (Page references are to the report’s internal pagination.)  Whether you have followed this story closely or in less detail, I don’t think you’ll find the report tedious.

The military assets-vs.-problem-set mismatch Continue reading “Senate Report on Benghazi: It really was that bad”

Bad timing for another “Jerusalem denial” from the State Department

No, they didn’t.

The timing couldn’t be much worse, with the anti-Israel Global March to Jerusalem scheduled for 30 March.

Sandwiched between last month’s International Conference on Jerusalem in Qatar – at which a cast of Islamists, Western sympathizers, and UN officials sought to “combat the Judaization” of Israel’s capital – and the upcoming Global March on Jerusalem, the US State Department has stumbled this week through another episode of “Jerusalem denial.”  The Washington Free Beacon caught the first round on Tuesday, when a State Department media release on a senior official’s travel distinguished between visiting Israel and visiting Jerusalem.  (Adam Kredo at the Free Beacon caught State’s excuse and correction.)

In the Wednesday State Department press briefing, AP journalist Matthew Lee questioned spokeswoman Victoria Nuland intensively Continue reading “Bad timing for another “Jerusalem denial” from the State Department”

Obama’s State Department: Representing the American people to Russia and Israel

Our face to the world.

Kim Zigfeld at Pajamas picks up on the position assumed by the Obama administration on a Senate bill that would condemn Russian officials complicit in the torture and death of a rights lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky.  The bill, sponsored by John McCain and Benjamin Cardin (D-MD), would deny US visas to a list of Russian officials and freeze their assets in America.  Equally important, it would call attention to what those officials have done, and to the pattern of threats, intimidation, and even homicidal brutality wielded by the Russian government against whistle-blowers.

The Russians have warned the Obama administration about what will happen if the Senate goes through with the McCain-Cardin bill.  And the Obama State Department has in turn conveyed that warning to the Senate: Continue reading “Obama’s State Department: Representing the American people to Russia and Israel”