Facts and implications: Notes on Diana West’s American Betrayal

Fact: Stalin’s Soviet agents. Implication about WWII?

American BetrayalWhat are the implications of the extensively documented fact that agents of the Soviet government were employed in high positions in the United States government in the 1930s and 1940s?  Do we have a skewed view of World War II because we have failed to address that question?  If our perspective changed, would we judge that we didn’t even win World War II – but, to be more accurate, Stalin did?

Diana West’s remarkable new book, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character, compiles some potential answers to these questions.  As West argues early in the book, Continue reading “Facts and implications: Notes on Diana West’s American Betrayal”


2012 Election: After a bad outcome, a downpayment on hope

Let freedom ring.

In the aftermath of 6 November, there are so many things to talk about that it’s hard to scope them down and present them all together.  So I’m not going to try to do that, but rather talk about ideas one or two at a time.

The idea for today is what I consider the most basic, which is that the political side that won the election can’t win the future.  It has no organized idea of hope or a future.  It is not a way for men to live.

Humans are creatures of both reasonable, structured hope and marvelous, ingenious aspiration.  Take away the latter, and the former languishes, ceasing to produce and satisfy.  If we hadn’t decided to forget all history prior to, say, the inauguration of George W. Bush, we would remember that the constraining of human hopes by communism yields exactly the result I have outlined. Continue reading “2012 Election: After a bad outcome, a downpayment on hope”