On McCarthy and Bolyard: America’s not free enough for same-sex marriage

Our priorities must be liberty and the rule of law.

Eagle light 2Conservatives just keep sniffing the same old fire hydrants on the same-sex marriage (SSM) topic.  It’s not getting us anywhere, and I contend that that’s because we’re talking about the wrong thing.

On Thursday, at PJ Media, Andrew McCarthy and Paula Bolyard had long, thoughtful pieces on SSM; in particular, on how to persuade social conservatives to accept a “compromise” that adheres to the Constitution.  In principle, I concur with McCarthy’s “compromise”:  America ought to simply follow her laws Continue reading “On McCarthy and Bolyard: America’s not free enough for same-sex marriage”

Liberty 101: The great conservative debate

“Social issue” versus liberty.

fifeanddrum 2aThere are well-meaning, good-hearted people on both sides of the debate over social conservatism versus social liberalism.  That doesn’t always help to clarify things, but it’s important to emphasize that point up front.

A fresh outbreak at PJ Media – Bryan Preston versus Roger Simon – prompts this post.  And with due respect to both gentlemen, who write well and passionately, I conclude that we all just keep slogging through the same muddy trench on this issue, and it doesn’t seem to be helping. Continue reading “Liberty 101: The great conservative debate”