SunTrust bank, under investigation by Holder DOJ, drops Benhams’ property business

Attack on economic freedom.



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Another day, more endemic extortion from a regulatory Congress

Nice bank you got there.

Author Peter Schweizer made the talk-show rounds a few weeks back to tout his new book Extortion, which examines the process by which a U.S. federal government with a huge regulatory portfolio routinely extorts its citizens.

Basically, whatever can be regulated makes a basis for extortion.  Holding the whip-hand of the state over someone gives you the power to make threats – and then suggest ways for that someone to avoid “consequences.”  That’s the anatomy of a shakedown, and it happens constantly in Washington, D.C. Continue reading “Another day, more endemic extortion from a regulatory Congress”

Americans: There’s no excuse for (some of) us

Legal torture.

Two beleaguered people have recently come back from the dead, unjustly-ruined-reputation-wise.  Both were victims of attack by legal action.  Both lost their jobs, had their names dragged through the mud, and had to spend tens of thousands in litigation costs.  In neither case was the attack the fault of “lawyers,” although some of the lawyers, of course, took advantage of what these unfortunate victims’ attackers wanted to do.

Both individuals were also vindicated by the justice system – after being run through the wringer. Continue reading “Americans: There’s no excuse for (some of) us”

It’s all “legal”: Why DOJ was facilitating protests in the Martin-Zimmerman case

The news rocketed across the rightosphere yesterday:  the U.S. Department of Justice sent workers to involve themselves with protests against George Zimmerman and the Sanford, FL police department.  (See Howard Portnoy’s wrap-up here.)

If you haven’t been following the growth of DOJ over the years, you probably didn’t know that it has an agency within it which is dedicated to performing this function.  Well, not precisely this function – but for the purposes of the Obama Justice Department, in the era of the 2009 Hate Crimes Prevention Act, it’s close enough.

“Office of Protest Support”?

The Community Relations Service (CRS) is a small federal agency created by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to mediate and facilitate the resolution of local tensions.  It was originally formed under the Department of Commerce, Continue reading “It’s all “legal”: Why DOJ was facilitating protests in the Martin-Zimmerman case”

Of Course It’s a Shakedown

Extort, early and often.

Joe Barton (R-TX) is right:  the $20 billion escrow fund is a shakedown. Not because BP isn’t liable for the oil spill, and not because BP shouldn’t help the people losing their livelihoods on the Gulf Coast.  But because Obama extorting the escrow fund from BP is an exercise of executive power outside the rule of law.

Following the rule of law would produce relief for the oil spill’s victims.  It just wouldn’t put Obama’s appointee in sole charge of a $20 billion fund.  That has a meaning beyond the “Chicago” implication of pure extortion, fund-skimming, and payola.  It means Obama couldn’t use the money to cushion the near-term consequences of his own policies.  He’d be constrained by that pesky rule of law, if he weren’t holding the discretionary purse strings for the damages payouts.

The most obvious current evidence of that relates to his moratorium on deepwater drilling. Continue reading “Of Course It’s a Shakedown”