UK: Islamist school plot leads to inspectors ‘testing’ Jewish kids on sex, gay issues

You want to talk from Trojan Horses.

But do they know any gays? Children in a Jewish school in London. (Image via
But do they know any gays? Children in a Jewish school in London. (Image via

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Liberty 101: The great conservative debate

“Social issue” versus liberty.

fifeanddrum 2aThere are well-meaning, good-hearted people on both sides of the debate over social conservatism versus social liberalism.  That doesn’t always help to clarify things, but it’s important to emphasize that point up front.

A fresh outbreak at PJ Media – Bryan Preston versus Roger Simon – prompts this post.  And with due respect to both gentlemen, who write well and passionately, I conclude that we all just keep slogging through the same muddy trench on this issue, and it doesn’t seem to be helping. Continue reading “Liberty 101: The great conservative debate”

Schools asking parents, students to declare political affiliation

They have ways of making you talk.

Whisperers 3This can’t be coincidence.  Blog reports in the last two weeks indicate that public schools in two different states have assigned students to identify their political affiliation by answering questions about policy issues (mostly social-policy issues).  The assignments are handed in.

This isn’t a matter of students being asked Continue reading “Schools asking parents, students to declare political affiliation”

Warning: You May Want to Shower

Yecchh. Kevin Jennings really is as problematic as his Fox critics say.

…after reading this

I’ve been engaging in selective non-listening as the brouhaha grows about Kevin Jennings, President Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar.”  It’s a defensive reaction, I think.  You simply can’t be worried and indignant about everything.

Today, however, I heard “Kevin Jennings” and “NAMBLA” discussed together, with the implication that there is a connection, and I had to give up and pay attention.  Oy to the veh, this Obama presidency will wear a feller out.

Not having caught exactly what the deal was with “Jennings” and “NAMBLA,” I went into my online research with the expectation of finding that Jennings had not actually been a member of NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association, which promotes pederasty).  I believe such individuals are still watched closely by the FBI. Continue reading “Warning: You May Want to Shower”