Sarah “Tea Party” Palin?

Palin a Tea Party draw? One way or another, these two phenomena seem fated to intersect. A future in which they do not play a major part seems unlikely.

It seems like one obvious next step for Sarah Palin is to become a key face of the Tea Party movement. Continue reading “Sarah “Tea Party” Palin?”

A Mother in America

Sarah Palin may prove to be a test of America’s character, and whether, in our class-conscious sophistication, we still have an ear for truth.

We interrupt the World War IV series for a rant.

I have concluded that Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska and one-time VP candidate, may be a test for America.  It seems like at least 30% of conservatives, let alone her natural political enemies on the left, have to constantly edit the lady.  I’m trying to remember if Reagan had to endure this.  You know, as in, “He says all the right things, but he’s just so folksy, blah blah blah…”

Palin made a speech chock full of excellent, superb, crying-to-be-made points this week, as an introduction to a Michael Reagan appearance in Anchorage.  The audio quality is not great here (linked from the Hot Air item), but the speech is audible, and well worth the listening time of about 18 minutes.  The speech was blunt and courageous, particularly as regards the danger to liberty from government gaining leverage over the people through our finances.

I have not been hearing other GOP politicians make this point. Continue reading “A Mother in America”