Battleground Texas: Defending the vote

Making the Eyes of Texas blue.


Image via Fort Bend Democrats (who, bless their hearts, love this display because it involved "recycling").
Image via Fort Bend Democrats (who, bless their hearts, love this display because it involved “recycling”).

The new video from James O’Keefe (see below) has gone viral in the last 72 hours.  It was the first big “get” for Breitbart Texas, and for good reason: it shows an operative from the Obama-affiliated Battleground Texas PAC apparently violating Texas law on voter registration. Continue reading “Battleground Texas: Defending the vote”

Ceramic pig watch: Offensive speech in Britain

Ever since the case of the offensive ceramic pigs in 1998, the British have been assiduously refining their methods for dealing with offenses to Islam.  Earlier this year, Bruce Bawer at Frontpage recounted the tale of David Jones, who was going through security at Gatwick Airport when he made a stray comment that brought down the full force of the Speech Police on his head (emphasis added):

[A]ccording to the Telegraph, “he spotted a Muslim woman in hijab pass through the area without showing her face” and, in a “light-hearted aside to a security official who had been assisting him,” said: “If I was wearing this scarf over my face, I wonder what would happen.”

Kapow! Continue reading “Ceramic pig watch: Offensive speech in Britain”

Back to the Future: “Organized Lawlessness” in Athens

Another Athens shall arise… (Shelley’s “Hellas”)

In the Wall Street Journal this week, Greek political official Takis Michas gives us a 2011 snapshot of Greece’s fabled capital that simultaneously reminds us of ancient Athens’ downfall in the time of Thucydides, and warns us about the perils of our own future.

Athens has been here before – been here, for that matter, more than once since the Peloponnesian War with Sparta.  But not in our lifetimes.  In our lifetimes, Athens and Greece have been “Europe”: Continue reading “Back to the Future: “Organized Lawlessness” in Athens”