Fake, P.C. #NativeHistory ‘map porn’ storms Facebook

Infected with the Confirmation Virus.

Imaginary map scratches bias itch. (Map: ScientiaOmniaVincit via Reddit and Facebook)
Imaginary map scratches bias itch. (Map: ScientiaOmniaVincit via Reddit and Facebook)

If you weren’t sure America’s schools are turning out a whole lot of people of, shall we say, uneducated potential – well, dither no more.  Certainty can be yours.

A fantasy map of North America, posted in a Reddit forum on 6 August, has taken Facebook by storm – and with it, the impressionable minds of hundreds of thousands of Facebook members.

The original map was an exercise in projecting what North America might look like in 2015 if there had been no colonization by Europeans.  As the comments at Reddit indicate, the original map made quite a number of, um, uneducated errors.  But the important point for now is that the map never purported to reflect any kind of historical reality (and it didn’t).  It was an essay in alternative-history imagination.

That didn’t stop Facebook peeps from seizing on the map and sending it viral, with comments like these: Continue reading “Fake, P.C. #NativeHistory ‘map porn’ storms Facebook”


A big sloppy ‘thank you’ to the MSM for tooting the racism dog-whistle against Bundy

Goodbye to all that.

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Censored: Most-wanted terrorist photos on Seattle buses

Crazy like a slug.

You know why, of course.  The world’s most-wanted terrorists are mostly Muslims.  Of the 32 at the FBI website, 30 are Muslims; two are not.  (The other two are Joanne Deborah Chesimard, a Black Liberation Army terrorist from the 1970s who escaped from prison in New Jersey and is thought to be living in Cuba; and Daniel Andreas San Diego, an alleged animal-rights terrorist with two bombings to his credit, in San Francisco in 2003.)

As Accuracy in Media reports, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force proposed, in a pilot program with the State Department’s “Rewards for Justice” initiative, to place photos of 16 of the Most Wanted terrorists on the sides of buses in Seattle.  Seattle was selected for a reason: Continue reading “Censored: Most-wanted terrorist photos on Seattle buses”

Say it with teal

Wild blue yonder.

U.S. Air Force airmen will remember the shoulder “ropes,” or aiguillettes, worn by student leaders at tech school. White for “chapel guides,” green for dormitory “bay chiefs,” yellow for “flight leaders,” red for “shift leaders’ – airmen-in-training have a number of opportunities to be selected for special leadership roles, and to display their distinction with pride.

Now the Air Force has a new rope for student leaders: the teal rope, which signifies that the student has received special training from the Sexual Assault Prevention Office (SAPRO). The teal-ropers will be there to “serve as a link between non-prior service students and SAPRO for information and referral support.”

Says Chief Master Sergeant Angelica Johnson, 81st Training Wing command chief (senior enlisted leader):

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Act of Valor; or, A War Without a Narrative…

Narratives, tropes, and videotape.

… but with a Chechen-Jewish Drug Smuggler Named Christo

Let me state up front that I don’t think the filmmakers meant anything by the “Christo” character.  I do think they stumbled haplessly on a hornet’s nest of anti-Semitic tropes – and thereby hangs a tale that matters.

Act of Valor is a moving, gripping film, all the more so for being enacted by real Navy SEALs.  (Full disclosure: this reviewer is a 20-year Navy veteran, and while definitely not a SEAL was privileged to work with some.)  The one major flaw I found with the production, per se, was the rather annoying sound track, which could have dispensed with the hackneyed crescendos at suspenseful moments.  What the SEALs do needs no audience-cues or embellishment.

And they do incredible things.  The movie conveys well Continue reading “Act of Valor; or, A War Without a Narrative…”