Dumbing debate down on the Mohammed cartoon contest and Jade Helm 15

Dumb and dumber.

Pamela-GellerThe ticket price for joining the mainstream debates on many topics these days seems to be ritual ad hominem attacks.  Besides being unhelpful, this is evidence of profound societal illness.

The phenomenon isn’t confined to the left.  We see it more and more frequently from the right-that-ought-to-know-better – or, perhaps, the right-that-ought-to-have-more-backbone.  I wrote about one major instance of it last year during the crisis at the Bundy ranch, when conservative pundits whom we have counted on to bring logic and intellectual courage to public issues suffered “CLIF”:  complete loss of intellectual function.  They went from being able to talk about things like government limits and property rights to being unable to do anything except rail against Cliven Bundy. Continue reading “Dumbing debate down on the Mohammed cartoon contest and Jade Helm 15”

Censored: Most-wanted terrorist photos on Seattle buses

Crazy like a slug.

You know why, of course.  The world’s most-wanted terrorists are mostly Muslims.  Of the 32 at the FBI website, 30 are Muslims; two are not.  (The other two are Joanne Deborah Chesimard, a Black Liberation Army terrorist from the 1970s who escaped from prison in New Jersey and is thought to be living in Cuba; and Daniel Andreas San Diego, an alleged animal-rights terrorist with two bombings to his credit, in San Francisco in 2003.)

As Accuracy in Media reports, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force proposed, in a pilot program with the State Department’s “Rewards for Justice” initiative, to place photos of 16 of the Most Wanted terrorists on the sides of buses in Seattle.  Seattle was selected for a reason: Continue reading “Censored: Most-wanted terrorist photos on Seattle buses”

Intolerance and anti-Semitism: Britain jumps shark

It all comes from the same root.

Perhaps it was one thing – a less alarming thing, if you will – for Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll to be arrested by the London police for walking into a Muslim neighborhood.  Melanie Phillips posted a well-documented criticism of the English Defence League, and of Robinson, in particular, after she was inundated with angry responses when she referred, in a previous post, to their association with thuggish actions and racism.

Robinson and Carroll, and their political group, the English Defence League (EDL), have connections to the racist British National Party (BNP), which was founded as a whites-only organization.  Even Brits who agree with much of the EDL and BNP agendas are at pains to point out that the BNP is an avowedly racist organization.  Calling it racist is not an exaggeration by the Left.  Indeed, the UK Independence Party, the libertarian party which has been making political gains against both Labour and Conservatives, is at equal pains to distance itself from the racism of the BNP. Continue reading “Intolerance and anti-Semitism: Britain jumps shark”