Iran: Now for the not-so-funny part

The missiles of 2014?

Alternate title: Sink the Kharg!

Intellectual honesty required putting the recent threats issued by Iran in a realistic perspective.  While we should take Iran’s geopolitical posture seriously, it does our own deliberations a disservice to accept absurdities from Iran rather than calling them out.  Someone’s bound to notice eventually, so it’s best to sort the nonsense out up front.

That said, we should be concerned about what Iran has been doing in the last 48-72 hours.  This is not because Iran can make good on threats like those depicted in the truly moronic Lenziran video (see link above); it’s because the Iranian regime has escalated its verbal attacks dramatically.  These aren’t random bursts of rhetoric.  They appear to have a specific purpose. Continue reading “Iran: Now for the not-so-funny part”

Israeli security: “War war” returns to the Middle East

Reality bites, again.


Kerry on the Peace in Our Time tour.
Kerry on the Peace in Our Time tour.

One of the peculiar features of the Obama administration has been its apparent belief that it can maneuver against America’s longstanding security posture, and yet continue to subsist inside of it, as if the strength or credibility of it won’t change with the change in policy.  Team Obama’s blinders about this clearly extend to the Middle East situation as a whole.  That means they extend to Israel’s situation as well.

John Kerry may or may not realize that he is pressing for a security deal Continue reading “Israeli security: “War war” returns to the Middle East”

Great news: U.S. has security plan for the West Bank!

Gratuitous theme-mongering.

One has to be sparing with exclamation points, but this one’s a lollapalooza.  A dilly!  A doozie.  A big honkin’ mess-a that Middle East Security Hotness.  You heard right folks:  the United States of America has a “West Bank security proposal” for Israel, and we’re sending a retired Army general to present it to Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, himself.  !!!!!!!!!!

Why did no one think of this before?  Finally, someone has done something pragmatic and positive about the Israeli-Palestinian standoff, Continue reading “Great news: U.S. has security plan for the West Bank!”

14 November 2012: Israel, Hamas, PA encounter the paradigm shift

Counter-attack in changing times.

Not all the news was good today, but some of it was heartening.  In response to days of rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel, and targeted attacks – with anti-tank missiles – on Israeli infantry patrols near the fence between Israel and, the IDF launched an operation on Wednesday 14 November to eliminate terrorists in Gaza and destroy weapons caches.  One of Operation Pillar of Defense’s first achievements was taking out multifarious Hamas terrorist Ahmed Jabari.

Allahpundit at Hot Air has the video of the pinpoint strike on Jabari – who, it is to be remembered, Continue reading “14 November 2012: Israel, Hamas, PA encounter the paradigm shift”