Germans All Set for Dhimmitude?

One weird rule: obey.

Everyone knows at this point about the German judge who filed a criminal complaint against Chancellor Angela Merkel for her remark that she was glad Osama bin Laden was dead.  A great deal has been made of what she said and whether it’s appropriate to be “glad” that bin Laden was killed.  But what concerns me is that a German judge thought what she did was criminal.

The situation here is actually worse than it looks.  It would be bad enough if the problem were only that a bunch of Germans through it was inappropriate to cheer over bin Laden’s death.  That’s the least of our worries.  I had the same thought myself; but I don’t propose doing anything about it other than expressing my opinion.

The real problem is Continue reading “Germans All Set for Dhimmitude?”

Tough planet: Waldo’s compound in Pakistani military neighborhood

They knew.

The joke is already circulating that President Obama knew how to find Osama bin Laden’s compound because it’s near a golf course.

It’s also right next door to the Pakistani military academy, in a section of the city where many of the residents are senior military officers.  (H/t: Free Republic) The idea that bin Laden could possibly have been living there without the knowledge of the Pakistani military, much less the ISI (intelligence service), strains credulity to the breaking point. Continue reading “Tough planet: Waldo’s compound in Pakistani military neighborhood”