Oops – The IDF didn’t kill Baby Mashrawi (and other things that didn’t happen during Pillar of Defense)

[Warning: graphic images]

Diligent readers of the Washington Post may know by now that UN observers in Gaza attribute the death of 11-month-old Omar Mashrawi, during Operation Pillar of Defense in November 2012, to a Hamas rocket which fell short and hit a Gaza City home.

WaPo initially reported the death using an AP photo with a caption that implicated an “Israeli strike.” The corrected story has that reference removed from the caption, after AP removed it in a correction to its original posting with the photo.  Numerous print and online news outlets used the same AP photo, however, with the original caption alluding to an Israeli strike.

Yet bloggers doubted at the time that the damage done to the Gaza City home was caused by an Israeli strike.  Elder of Ziyon’s post on the Mashrawi question mentioned these doubts first, Continue reading “Oops – The IDF didn’t kill Baby Mashrawi (and other things that didn’t happen during Pillar of Defense)”

Gaza: Least likely place to use US Marines to rescue American citizens?

Kooky deployment?

Why are we sending an amphibious readiness group (ARG) with a Marine expeditionary unit (MEU) embarked to sit off the Levantine coast?

US officials say it’s to be prepared for any eventuality, including the need to evacuate American citizens, as the conflict between Hamas and Israel heats up.

But let’s parse that.  Are the US officials suggesting we will need to evacuate Americans from Gaza?  And if we were to do that, what exactly would be the process?  Landing Marines from the 24 MEU in Gaza?  Flying helicopters from the ARG flagship, USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7), into Gaza? Continue reading “Gaza: Least likely place to use US Marines to rescue American citizens?”

Journalists in Gaza working in middle of rocket-launch area

Human shields.

Mainstream media outlets are blaring out the story: “Israel strikes media buildings in Gaza, expanding its range of targets.”  (Well, the link worked when I added it.  Apparently the Washington Post has just, in the last 20 minutes, removed this article. [Note: “20 minutes” was two hours ago as of this posting.]  I’m going to leave the link as a memorial.)  The Reuters story is still out there.

At the Daily Beast, it’s “Bomb the Press.”

Reporters Without Borders condemns the attacks: Continue reading “Journalists in Gaza working in middle of rocket-launch area”

Dead child in Egyptian prime minister’s arms killed by Hamas, not Israel

Hooray for Paliwood.

Elder of Ziyon has the story.  The four-year-old boy, whose lifeless body Egyptian prime minister Hesahm Kandil was photographed holding in his arms, was killed in Annazla, near Gaza City.

But the IDF wasn’t attacking in the area at the time of the explosion that killed young Mahmoud.  Indeed, it conducted no air attacks at all while Kandil was in Gaza on Saturday, which was the timeframe of the fatal explosion in Annazla, according to neighbors of 4-year-old Mahmoud Sadallah.

The New York Times reports that the damage done in the explosion was too light to be from an Israeli bomb, Continue reading “Dead child in Egyptian prime minister’s arms killed by Hamas, not Israel”

14 November 2012: Israel, Hamas, PA encounter the paradigm shift

Counter-attack in changing times.

Not all the news was good today, but some of it was heartening.  In response to days of rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel, and targeted attacks – with anti-tank missiles – on Israeli infantry patrols near the fence between Israel and, the IDF launched an operation on Wednesday 14 November to eliminate terrorists in Gaza and destroy weapons caches.  One of Operation Pillar of Defense’s first achievements was taking out multifarious Hamas terrorist Ahmed Jabari.

Allahpundit at Hot Air has the video of the pinpoint strike on Jabari – who, it is to be remembered, Continue reading “14 November 2012: Israel, Hamas, PA encounter the paradigm shift”