Like ‘banning marriage’ is a bad thing?

Nuptials and nothingness.

It’s funny to see the reaction in the MSM and left-wing blogosphere to a legislative proposal in Oklahoma, which would get the state out of the business of licensing marriage:

UPI:  “To keep same-sex marriage illegal, Oklahoma lawmaker proposes ban on all marriages

ThinkProgress: “Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants to Ban All Marriages

NewsOK/News 9: “Oklahoma lawmakers consider preventing ALL marriage to keep same-sex marriage illegalContinue reading “Like ‘banning marriage’ is a bad thing?”


Duncan, OK murder: It’s the gangsta culture, stupid

No moral compass.

Colin Flaherty has the dope at LibertyUnyielding.  (See also here.)

Duncan, Oklahoma:  big little town on the prairie.  County seat of Stephens County.  Crape Myrtle Capital of Oklahoma.  Hometown of Jackie Sherrill, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Ron Howard, Erle P. Halliburton (yes, that Halliburton), and Hoyt Axton.  Home to the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center.  Host of the annual Western Spirit Celebration and the Stephens County Fair; perennial host to rodeo-circuit events galore.

Now known for a senseless thrill killing by three “bored” teenagers, whose minds have – of course – been immersed in gangsta culture.  All is not well with the spirit of our culture.  And the problem is not a lack of school funding, grief counselors, or “anti-hate” syllabi. Continue reading “Duncan, OK murder: It’s the gangsta culture, stupid”

The summer of 1980

Hot times.

Where were you in the summer of 1980?  I was in Oklahoma City, working as a summer intern for one of the state agencies.  The summer of 1980 was the most persistently hot summer Oklahoma has seen since records have been kept; the summer of 2011 will have to go a considerable way to catch up with (much less surpass) it.

I mention this because on The Weather Channel this morning, a TWC reporter interviewed an Oklahoma City official who said the area has now seen the most days ever in which excessive heat advisories have been issued.  I have no doubt that the heat wave is miserable and seems never-ending to those in Oklahoma this summer Continue reading “The summer of 1980”