Cruel, dismissive Obamacare: People are just statistics

Designed to hurt, right from the start.

And even though people are just statistics, the Obamacare planners still didn’t get it right.

Here’s a fun quote from a health-care industry consultant in November 2013 (emphasis added):

Some advocates argue that these narrow networks [with fewer doctors and hospitals in them] are a fine way to cut costs. They note that the majority of people expected to buy coverage on the exchanges are uninsured, and that even a narrow network is better than nothing. Continue reading “Cruel, dismissive Obamacare: People are just statistics”

Little Sisters in Gulag Nation: “Just sign the form”

Conscience under attack.

What an interesting moment we have arrived at with the Obamacare contraception mandate.  The Catholic order Little Sisters of the Poor requested, and on 31 December was granted, a restraining order against the federal government’s enforcement of the Obamacare contraception mandate.  Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has come back swinging, with a brief to the Supreme Court insisting that the Little Sisters – virtually alone among the religious organizations seeking relief from the mandate – be denied the injunction that now protects them from devastating IRS fines.

If you want to catch up fully on the Little Sisters’ case, start with the Becket Fund site here, which has links to court filings and other documentation.* Continue reading “Little Sisters in Gulag Nation: “Just sign the form””

A reminder: Warnings about premiums going up under Obamacare were correct

We told you so. But so did analysts from the left and center.

The blogosphere is alive with the sound of Obamacare sticker shock.  The stories abound.  There are winners and losers with Obamacare, as was always promised.  Some people have to pay more, so that others may pay less.  Some people have to pay more so that things they may not even want will be covered (e.g., mental health and maternity services).  Plenty of people who didn’t bother to check into their health-insurance future before now are getting that letter from the insurance company, informing them that their insurance package of choice will no longer be offered after 31 December (it doesn’t comply with the Obamacare standards for coverage), or that their premiums will go up by 40%, 74%, or 107%.  Or more.

This poignant reader comment from the California Report website is typical: Continue reading “A reminder: Warnings about premiums going up under Obamacare were correct”

Eyes on the ball: Obama’s Magical Economy Tour has a purpose

Under every rock, Obamacare.

The president is launching a new, campaign-style tour to “lay out his agenda for reinvigorating the economy.”

According to New York Times reporters Michael D. Shear and Jonathan Weisman, Obama’s strategy is “aimed at giving him credit for the improving job market and lifting his rhetoric beyond the Beltway squabbles that have often consumed his presidency.”

Rush Limbaugh, talking this morning about the Magical Economy Tour, suggested that Obama would be able to convince a good number of Americans that prosperity is on the horizon ahead of us, if we will follow his policies.  Obama will emphasize his belief that – contrary to JFK’s aphorism about a rising tide lifting all boats – Continue reading “Eyes on the ball: Obama’s Magical Economy Tour has a purpose”

Obamacare: The propaganda and lobbying machine revs up

Stalinist affection.

Southern Californians, I need your help here.  I’ve been seeing a TV commercial (airing in the greater-LA viewing area for the last week), in which a middle-aged woman – not a senior; a tad zaftig; with dark salt-and-pepper hair – lauds Obamacare as the reason she is alive today.  Her story involves having a preexisting condition, which prevented her from getting private insurance.  From the standpoint of actual truth, of course, the condition would not have prevented her from having access to Medicaid (or to California’s medical assistance programs, if she lives here) – and what Medicaid does or doesn’t cover is the government’s fault, and could be changed (or exchanges for clients with preexisting conditions created) without implementing Obamacare.

At any rate, I don’t know if this transparent propaganda is airing elsewhere.  I resolved to research this commercial, Continue reading “Obamacare: The propaganda and lobbying machine revs up”