U.S. to pointlessly put warships off Sochi?

Politics versus security.

Let’s stipulate that it was dumb to ever contemplate holding the Winter Olympics in Sochi.  What were we all thinking?

Now we’re stuck with the plan, however.  What to do about the real and intransigent problem of Islamist terrorism in the Caucasus, which has reared its head with a vengeance in recent weeks, and now has several terrorists – and that’s just the known threat – converging on Sochi for the Games?

The U.S. Olympic team’s security has been coordinated with a private security company called Global Rescue, which has worked with Continue reading “U.S. to pointlessly put warships off Sochi?”

Shocker: South Sudanese faction that shot at U.S. aircraft supplied by Iran, China

Yanks, getting in the way of bullets again.

Three U.S. Osprey aircraft were hit by rebel fire in South Sudan on Saturday during an evacuation operation for American citizens.  The Americans were being evacuated from the town of Bor, in the southern region of South Sudan near the capital of Juba.  Four U.S. service members (presumably Marines) were injured when the aircraft took fire, and had to be transported via Uganda to Kenya for treatment.

South Sudan has had internal conflict since declaring its independence and obtaining recognition of statehood in July 2011.  Fighting flared up this month, by various reports due to a coup attempt, or to Continue reading “Shocker: South Sudanese faction that shot at U.S. aircraft supplied by Iran, China”

Gaza: Least likely place to use US Marines to rescue American citizens?

Kooky deployment?

Why are we sending an amphibious readiness group (ARG) with a Marine expeditionary unit (MEU) embarked to sit off the Levantine coast?

US officials say it’s to be prepared for any eventuality, including the need to evacuate American citizens, as the conflict between Hamas and Israel heats up.

But let’s parse that.  Are the US officials suggesting we will need to evacuate Americans from Gaza?  And if we were to do that, what exactly would be the process?  Landing Marines from the 24 MEU in Gaza?  Flying helicopters from the ARG flagship, USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7), into Gaza? Continue reading “Gaza: Least likely place to use US Marines to rescue American citizens?”