Syria: Going, going, gone?

Moew fun with the decline of US leadership.

It’s not clear how much longer the US will have discretion in what – if anything – to do about Syria.  While the Obama administration pesters Russia and China in the UN, Russia and China are shuttling diplomats around the Arab world, coming up with separate plans.  The Syria crisis has become as much about a contest for leadership between East and West as it is about the terrible death toll in Syria – and there is little time left for the West to act decisively.

Clearly divided global leaders

The confrontations in the UN have been emblematic of the Asian-Atlantic divide over Syria, but perhaps not as much as a less-publicized sequence of events. Continue reading “Syria: Going, going, gone?”


EASTMED: US carrying Turkey’s water?

Turkey’s BFF.

Cry havoc! – and let loose the frigates of war

The ante is being upped in the Eastern Mediterranean as the crisis south of Cyprus bubbles along.  Turkish news outlet Today’s Zaman reports that on Monday, the Turkish government announced a deployment of special forces along with the four frigates and naval helicopters maintaining a “security” presence in the undersea drilling area off Cyprus’ southern coast.  The special forces include a Special Underwater Defense Unit and a Special Underwater Attack Unit.

Reporting the deployment of the Underwater Attack Unit is obviously a political move. Continue reading “EASTMED: US carrying Turkey’s water?”

‘France’s Role in History’; 5 UPDATES from ORIGINAL

Allons, enfants de la Patrie!

Gotta love the French.  Nicolas Sarkozy kicked off the air strikes on Libya with a bang on Saturday:

Les peuples arabes ont choisi de se libérer de la servitude dans laquelle ils se sentaient depuis trop longtemps enfermés. L’avenir de ces peuples leur appartient, ils ont besoin de notre aide et de notre soutien, c’est notre devoir. Une population civile se trouve en danger de mort. Le combat qu’elle mène est la sienne. C’est au nom de la conscience universelle qui ne peut tolérer de tels crimes que nous intervenons…  La France est décidée à assumer son rôle devant l’Histoire.

This translates roughly as : Continue reading “‘France’s Role in History’; 5 UPDATES from ORIGINAL”