New York Times, Wildstein aim at Christie, miss

Be the ham sandwich.

You’d think they’d try a little harder than this.

But then, when you’ve got nothing, it’s obvious.  It’s hard to think of a more sweatily tendentious but content-free headline:

Christie Linked to Knowledge of Shut Lanes

We could experiment with some analogous headlines: headlines that would be just as technically accurate about people’s “links” to “knowledge of” the infamous lane closures now referred to as “Bridgegate.” Continue reading “New York Times, Wildstein aim at Christie, miss”

Big Carbon

Hot gas.

So, how’s that carbon-trading thing going?  Big Carbon set up shop in the European Union in 2005, and is scheduled to make its North American-franchise debut in California in January.  How goes the trade?


The answer in Europe is: not well.  Carbon trading is a zombie in Europe.  It’s going to start eating flesh pretty soon.  It’s on a rampage stirring up the airline industry overseas right now (on which more later), but its “life” inside the Union is creepy and inverted. Continue reading “Big Carbon”