MH17: The world without American leadership

Stripping the veneer.


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(Reuters image)

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Breaking wind: NIMBYs, hostages, and other woes from the European wind wars

Winds of… wind.

Those darned Europeans are so attached to their picturesque views.  When it comes to wind power and wind-turbine farms, the honeymoon is over.  The bloom is off the rose.  Rate-payers, homeowners, holiday-makers: if you’re wind, it turns out that Europeans can quit you.

A growing annoyance

It was being reported ominously, two years ago, that the Dutch – the Western world’s quintessential pioneers of wind power – were really starting to be over wind.  Not only is it expensive and unreliable; it’s just so…unsightly.  In the 21st century, we aren’t talking pretty, old-fashioned windmills that creak gently and make the Netherlands look its postcard-landscape best.  We’re talking about those towering monstrosities in vast phalanges that whir menacingly, slaughter birds, and mar world-heritage vistas – all while, who knows, causing cancer to boot.

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Going Geert

Whole lotta wrongness being propagated out there about the meaning of Geert Wilders.

Underwhelming as his interview of ex-Congressman Eric Massa was on Tuesday, Glenn Beck may have drawn the greatest criticism this week for lambasting Dutch politician Geert Wilders, whom Beck described as a “fascist” during his Monday show. David Swindle at David Horowitz’s Newsreal found Bret Baier’s coverage of Wilders during the Special Report news hour questionable as well, taking exception to the characterization “far right” and the MSNBC-like deployment of such loaded phrases as “inspires fierce emotions.” Across the blogosphere there’s a groundswell of sentiment that Fox fluffed this one badly; dark theories abound that Saudi investors are running Fox’s editorial content, while more sober spectators merely cast Fox panelist Charles Krauthammer’s distinction between Islam and Islamism as an “Orwellianism.”

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