Memorial Day 2023

We will not forget.

In pondering a holiday message each year, I go back and look at what I’ve posted for it in the past.  This year, on rereading the “Priorities, USA” article for 2022, I concluded that it’s still a timely message, and should be the bulk of what I advocate taking in this year.

As time passes, we are flicked more and more on the raw by the things we are having to face up to right now – epochal things, things of an entire age of the human journey.  We find we can’t flee them.  They come to find us.  They won’t rest unresolved.

The purchases of the blood shed for America, by the ones we remember on Memorial Day, still hang in the balance. Continue reading “Memorial Day 2023”


Priorities, USA – on Memorial Day

Never forget.

People have asked in recent months why I haven’t been writing much about foreign affairs, geopolitics, military and strategic analysis, and so forth.

There’s certainly enough going on in the world to keep a foreign and security policy geek busy.  I appreciate the interest from those who’ve asked.

But the short answer – the best answer – is the one I will take the opportunity of our Memorial Day observance to give.

It’s simply this.  With all that’s erupting outside America’s borders, Continue reading “Priorities, USA – on Memorial Day”

Memorial Day mayhem: Myrtle Beach and Ft. Lauderdale versus UC Santa Barbara killer

Double standards.


Memorial Day, Fort Lauderdale (Image via Orlando Sun-Sentinel video)
Memorial Day, Fort Lauderdale (Image via Orlando Sun-Sentinel video)

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America: Her finest hour is yet to come

They gave us the chance. Now let’s take it.

Did they die in vain?

As America remembers her honored dead this Memorial Day weekend – those who died in uniform defending our great cause of liberty – many hearts are troubled about what we have come to.  The idea of liberty on which our nation was founded seems to hang in tatters.  The genius of our forefathers in giving us a government that was to be limited, constitutional, and federal appears all but extinguished.  The indispensable ingredient of liberty, an independent people of good character, seems at times to be disappearing into a sorrowful sunset.

But I would like to suggest a few things about these discouraging fears. Continue reading “America: Her finest hour is yet to come”