Liberty 101: Working for The Man

Government mandates that you not be paid what you’re worth.

If Americans want to reclaim liberty in this age of governmental whole-life management, one thing we must do is take the trouble to understand how government makes us work for its priorities and programs.  The price of having a job today is working for the government, just as the price of doing business, for an entrepreneur, is giving the first portion of his earnings to the government.

Many readers will be familiar with the point that we Americans work, on average, until sometime in April each year to pay our taxes at the federal, state, and local levels.  In this formulation, it is only after “Tax Freedom Day” that we start working for ourselves, and not for the government.  Tax Freedom Day delineates Continue reading “Liberty 101: Working for The Man”

Obamacare: The propaganda and lobbying machine revs up

Stalinist affection.

Southern Californians, I need your help here.  I’ve been seeing a TV commercial (airing in the greater-LA viewing area for the last week), in which a middle-aged woman – not a senior; a tad zaftig; with dark salt-and-pepper hair – lauds Obamacare as the reason she is alive today.  Her story involves having a preexisting condition, which prevented her from getting private insurance.  From the standpoint of actual truth, of course, the condition would not have prevented her from having access to Medicaid (or to California’s medical assistance programs, if she lives here) – and what Medicaid does or doesn’t cover is the government’s fault, and could be changed (or exchanges for clients with preexisting conditions created) without implementing Obamacare.

At any rate, I don’t know if this transparent propaganda is airing elsewhere.  I resolved to research this commercial, Continue reading “Obamacare: The propaganda and lobbying machine revs up”

It’s not the entitlements, it’s the discretionary spending

Government by false alternatives.

I’m going to make a statement many will find startling, and it has to be established with a bluntness that renders it incomplete, if we are to understand the issue.

Entitlements are not the problem for the federal debt in 2011.

Now, calm down.  Entitlements are a debt problem.  But they are not the reason the federal debt has increased 35% under Obama.  I’ll say that again.  Entitlements are not the reason the federal debt has increased 35% under Obama. Continue reading “It’s not the entitlements, it’s the discretionary spending”

David Brooks in Democratic “narrative capture”

Indecent proposals.

Bless his heart.  There are times when I think we have David Brooks around to remind us why at least some of the “old conservative punditry” – like the GOP’s one-time career as a “normal party” – wasn’t working for us.

The Democrats in Congress hand him an axe to swing at them, and Brooks takes no notice of it in his haste to range himself with the Democrats, and excoriate Republicans.

Brooks reports that Democrats will “agree” to cut Medicare if Republicans will raise taxes – and jumps on Continue reading “David Brooks in Democratic “narrative capture””

Why Americans will never “grow up” as long as we have Medicare

Being “grown-up” is antithetical to entitlements.

Beth Haynes writes at Pajamas Media today that Americans need to grow up, and stop thinking we can, in her metaphor, choose and eat cake we haven’t paid for.

Her point is good, as far as it goes.  There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.  But as long as we have “Medicare,” we’re going to continue, willy-nilly, to behave as if we think there is one.

It is not possible to do otherwise. Continue reading “Why Americans will never “grow up” as long as we have Medicare”