The question is not Obama’s religion, it’s the media’s

Articles of faith.

Church of Progressivism. (Stained glass window by Womacka, in East German (GDR)-era State Council building, East Berlin. Via
Church of Progressivism. (Stained glass window by Womacka, in East German (GDR)-era State Council building, East Berlin. Via

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Obama and Israel: Community-organizing the planet?

Organize this.

A correspondent of mine expressed some surprise when it was announced yesterday that the new secretary of state, John Kerry, would not be visiting Israel prior to the visit next month of President Obama.

What this means to foreign-service hands is that there won’t be a ministerial-level sit-down in advance of the president’s trip.  The army of foreign-service specialists who negotiate for the U.S. and Israel won’t come up with serious negotiating points (or at least statements of common objectives) on topics like talks with the Palestinian Arabs, or the Iranian nuclear threat.  The president’s itinerary and official events will no doubt be planned thoroughly, but there is a big hole where the normal process of policy preparation would be.

The prospect of Obama’s visit producing a tangible Middle East-policy outcome is thus nil.  Appearances now suggest that the trip will basically be Continue reading “Obama and Israel: Community-organizing the planet?”

Are the American voters idiots?

In short, no.

What do you think, readers?

I still say no, even after 2008, when it took very little effort to find out everything you needed to know about Barack Obama.  Steeped in ‘60s-era radicalism, a “community organizer,” and a close associate of everyone in the political-guilt shakedown industry in Chicago.  This guy was everything my leftist college professors thought of as a hero.

His associates, political thugs, pried open sealed divorce and child-custody records to embarrass his opponents in the 2006 Senate race.  Yet his own records Continue reading “Are the American voters idiots?”

Themage*: 60 Minutes, Media Matters, and media narrative-building on Christians and Israel

Themes, lies, and Christian Zionism.

Do you think it’s a Christian posture to condemn Israel for the security wall erected to keep terrorists from the West Bank out?  Do you think evangelical Christians are suddenly rethinking their support for Israel because they’ve finally gone on guided tours provided by Palestinian Arabs rather than Israelis?  Do you think American evangelicals are, in general, turning away from the political right and toward the left, as regards Israel and other issues?

The left-wing media want you to – and it appears some of the reporters and opinion-writers for the mainstream media do too.  An example that seems to have crossed a new line was Continue reading “Themage*: 60 Minutes, Media Matters, and media narrative-building on Christians and Israel”

Contraception mandate: MSM stuck in “narrative capture”?

Blind now leading the sighted?

On retrieving my paper copy of the Wall Street Journal this morning, I saw the discouraging headline:

Obama Retreats on Contraception

My first thought was, “Surely the Journal knows better than this.  Why would they headline this story as if Obama had, in fact, backed off on the mandate?  What are they, USA Today?”

The headline doesn’t reflect reality.

As Ed Morrissey pointed out yesterday, Continue reading “Contraception mandate: MSM stuck in “narrative capture”?”