Dead child in Egyptian prime minister’s arms killed by Hamas, not Israel

Hooray for Paliwood.

Elder of Ziyon has the story.  The four-year-old boy, whose lifeless body Egyptian prime minister Hesahm Kandil was photographed holding in his arms, was killed in Annazla, near Gaza City.

But the IDF wasn’t attacking in the area at the time of the explosion that killed young Mahmoud.  Indeed, it conducted no air attacks at all while Kandil was in Gaza on Saturday, which was the timeframe of the fatal explosion in Annazla, according to neighbors of 4-year-old Mahmoud Sadallah.

The New York Times reports that the damage done in the explosion was too light to be from an Israeli bomb, Continue reading “Dead child in Egyptian prime minister’s arms killed by Hamas, not Israel”

Why Obama is likely to blow Debate 2

No there there.

The short answer is: because he’s got nothing.  There is no record to run on, no argument to make for four more years.  The ideology that drives him is outdated and bankrupt.  He has, in fact, implemented his policies – Republicans have had little means of stopping him – and those policies are the problem.

But there’s a slightly longer answer too.  Obama’s advisors Continue reading “Why Obama is likely to blow Debate 2”

Themage*: 60 Minutes, Media Matters, and media narrative-building on Christians and Israel

Themes, lies, and Christian Zionism.

Do you think it’s a Christian posture to condemn Israel for the security wall erected to keep terrorists from the West Bank out?  Do you think evangelical Christians are suddenly rethinking their support for Israel because they’ve finally gone on guided tours provided by Palestinian Arabs rather than Israelis?  Do you think American evangelicals are, in general, turning away from the political right and toward the left, as regards Israel and other issues?

The left-wing media want you to – and it appears some of the reporters and opinion-writers for the mainstream media do too.  An example that seems to have crossed a new line was Continue reading “Themage*: 60 Minutes, Media Matters, and media narrative-building on Christians and Israel”

Various things I don’t believe

Non credo, dude.

1.  That Herman Cain is a sexual harasser.

2.  That Rick Perry had anything to do with the “leak” of “information” about sexual harassment complaints against Cain to Politico.

3.  That Mitt Romney was behind the “leaks” either.

4.  That the mythical ability to silence baseless innuendo, or spin it and come out smelling like a rose, or avoid it altogether, is a qualification for being president of the United States. Continue reading “Various things I don’t believe”

AZ-8’s Indian Name: Brushes with Violence


Something that’s particularly troubling in the left’s response to the Jared Loughner shooting rampage is the increasing corruption of “straight news.” Opinion is one thing: the effort of left-wing pundits to harden public ideas is appalling in its transparent mendacity – but transparent mendacity is at least

transparent. Opaque mendacity, of the kind worked into putatively factual narratives, is more difficult to detect, and perhaps ultimately more deadly.

One of the first things I read after Jared Loughner’s attack was an article in the national news section of the Los Angeles Times entitled “A calm voice in a divided district.” Said the blurb: “Before Saturday’s shooting, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords had several other brushes with violence. ‘She’s one of the strongest women I know,’ says a former congresswoman.”

Two implications seem clear from this: Continue reading “AZ-8’s Indian Name: Brushes with Violence”