A big sloppy ‘thank you’ to the MSM for tooting the racism dog-whistle against Bundy

Goodbye to all that.

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Left grossly misleads on Julie Boonstra Obamacare story

Lies, damn lies, and Pinocchios.

Julie Boonstra is the Michigan leukemia patient who recorded a commercial for Americans for Prosperity (AFP) earlier this year, describing the disruption to her treatment when she lost her health insurance because of Obamacare.  [Interesting update: as of this writing, at 2:30 PM PDT on 16 March, the AFP website is unavailable.  Here is the error page that comes up when you try to access it.]

If Boonstra made a mistake, it was thinking that she could assert this, without revealing every detail of her insurance problems, and not come under vicious attack from the media, Harry Reid, and even from a Michigan congressman, Democrat Gary Peters.  She wasn’t intensively detailed and explicit about the problems she has faced.  And the media, along with Democratic politicians, have taken that as an opportunity to call her a liar, Continue reading “Left grossly misleads on Julie Boonstra Obamacare story”

Palestinian Authority plays political games with patients’ lives

Silly, torturous games.

Subtitle: Western media slavishly repeat PA narrative

Fortunately, there’s an Internet, and there are independent bloggers.

On Wednesday, AFP obediently put out a Palestinian Authority propaganda tale, reporting that the Israelis were suddenly barring medical patients from entry to Israel for treatment because the requests were submitted on forms marked “State of Palestine.”

Until recently, official stationery has used the term “Palestinian territories”.

But the logo was changed in mid-December, a year after the Palestinians won recognition as a UN observer state, despite fierce Israeli opposition. Continue reading “Palestinian Authority plays political games with patients’ lives”

New York Times, Wildstein aim at Christie, miss

Be the ham sandwich.

You’d think they’d try a little harder than this.

But then, when you’ve got nothing, it’s obvious.  It’s hard to think of a more sweatily tendentious but content-free headline:

Christie Linked to Knowledge of Shut Lanes

We could experiment with some analogous headlines: headlines that would be just as technically accurate about people’s “links” to “knowledge of” the infamous lane closures now referred to as “Bridgegate.” Continue reading “New York Times, Wildstein aim at Christie, miss”

Palin’s New Year’s resolutions: One base short of a grand slam?

Going for the win.



When I saw Sarah Palin announcing her New Year’s resolution to “make government as irrelevant as possible” in people’s lives, I thought she had hit the nail on the head, as she so often does.

I agreed also with her resolution to encourage people to apply former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success” to their lives.  Her hope is that more and more Americans will take responsibility to live with integrity, Continue reading “Palin’s New Year’s resolutions: One base short of a grand slam?”