Like ‘banning marriage’ is a bad thing?

Nuptials and nothingness.

It’s funny to see the reaction in the MSM and left-wing blogosphere to a legislative proposal in Oklahoma, which would get the state out of the business of licensing marriage:

UPI:  “To keep same-sex marriage illegal, Oklahoma lawmaker proposes ban on all marriages

ThinkProgress: “Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants to Ban All Marriages

NewsOK/News 9: “Oklahoma lawmakers consider preventing ALL marriage to keep same-sex marriage illegalContinue reading “Like ‘banning marriage’ is a bad thing?”

Poverty moves into the ‘burbs

Poverty, trending.

PBS had a segment on Saturday, anchored by Megan Thompson, called “Poverty rates surge in American suburbs.”  Here’s how it starts out:

MEGAN THOMPSON:  By all appearances, Leigh Scozzari is living a comfortable suburban life.  She baked cookies one recent afternoon with her four-year-old twins at her mom’s place in Shirley, Long Island – about 65 miles east of New York City.  Scozzari owns an SUV… the girls spend their days at a nice day care center …and Scozzari works a full-time job.

LEIGH SCOZZARI:  A lot of people look at me and they judge me just by looking at me, like, Continue reading “Poverty moves into the ‘burbs”

Liberty 101: Same-sex “marriage” and the power of bureaucracy

Bureaucracy attacks.

Americans today are getting a crash course in the liberty we give up when we create bureaucracies and let the executive branch grow without restraint.

Consider these points:

1.  The appeal for California’s Proposition 8 was thrown out because of an issue of standing for the defendants (i.e., the backers of Prop. 8 – who, it will be remembered, stepped in to continue the appeals process after the original backers dropped out).  The last ruling of the lower court is being allowed to stand, but the issue itself – the constitutionality of defining marriage in traditional terms – has not been ruled on by the Supreme Court.  The Court didn’t say that it’s unconstitutional for a government authority or the people themselves to define marriage in traditional terms.

2.  What was ruled on was the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).   And in spite of Continue reading “Liberty 101: Same-sex “marriage” and the power of bureaucracy”

Same-sex “marriage”

OK, fine, it’s in the news, we gotta talk about it.

My bottom line on same-sex marriage (SSM) as a political issue is that recognizing it will inevitably be a misuse of government.  It is especially a misuse of national government.  States have more latitude to indulge in governmental malpractice, because the rights of citizens are properly backstopped at the federal level.  If a state has infringed citizens’ rights by doing something misguided, a federal read on the Constitution should adjust the problem.  But the national government must remain limited in its scope for mucking around in the people’s lives, in large part because there is no appeal above it.

The corruption of our thinking

The original intent of the Civil Rights Act was precisely to affirm federal constitutional protection for rights that were being infringed – either outright or in effect – by state law. Continue reading “Same-sex “marriage””