TOC Ready Room 5 Dec 2021: Iran, nukes, Turkey, Ommy-cron – and DeSantis, oh my

What’s wrong and right with the world.

This Ready Room installment will be a little different, functioning more as a way of getting some headlines out there than as a more select batch of analyses.  Events are flying thick and fast, and in some ways it isn’t useful to keep going over the same old ground with them (e.g., “Iran nuclear negotiations,” which are lame and tired and haven’t changed in character for at least 18 years).

Nothing has changed with Iran negotiations, except the level of uranium enrichment

In fact, let’s just start with that.  Back in 2013, when the pre-JCPOA “Petunia” was being negotiated with Iran – what became known as the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) – I pointed out that Iran was participating in talks in order to delay decision points for the West. Continue reading “TOC Ready Room 5 Dec 2021: Iran, nukes, Turkey, Ommy-cron – and DeSantis, oh my”

It’s the big government, stupid

Big, bigger, biggest.

The frustration of conservatives and other GOP voters about the giant red herring of “contraception” is palpable.  For crying out loud, can’t we stop talking about this?  We’ve got a terrible economy, a soaring national debt, gas prices and consumer-goods inflation on a tear, an Iranian nuclear-weaponization problem, a world increasingly in turmoil around us, and regulatory overreach of colossal proportions within our borders – and we’re talking about contraception??  How do we stop this?

The answer is, We can’t.  Not in the context Continue reading “It’s the big government, stupid”