Great news: The Iranians are coming

Two, by sea.


Iranian frigate Sabalan (FARS file image)
Iranian frigate Sabalan (FARS file image)

They’ve been saying they were going to do it, and now they’re on the way.  A pair of Iranian navy ships, the frigate Sabalan and supply ship Kharg, left Bandar Abbas this morning headed for the Atlantic Ocean.

It has been inevitable that the Iranian navy would make good on its promise to deploy to the Atlantic.  Its ships made a voyage to China in 2013, and have been conducting extended patrols in the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea since late 2008.  An Atlantic expedition has been by no means beyond Iran’s capabilities for some time now. Continue reading “Great news: The Iranians are coming”


Russian navy promises “support” to Nicaragua; *Multi-media UPDATE*

Forget the Monroe Doctrine?

… and other news from the brave new world

In case you were wondering: no, the former-Soviet navy didn’t use to send warships to visit Nicaragua, back in the day.  Although the Nicaragua of the 1980s under Daniel Ortega was a client of the Soviet Union, Moscow didn’t send naval task forces to visit back then.  Soviet navy ships were in Cuba on a regular basis, but running the Russian navy around a Central American circuit is a new thing.

And what a thing it is.  Russia and Nicaragua can’t do this quietly.  They have to make headlines Continue reading “Russian navy promises “support” to Nicaragua; *Multi-media UPDATE*”

Awesome news: Iran to deploy naval task force to the Atlantic Ocean

Mullahs ahoy.

It is one of Dyer’s Axioms that a nation doesn’t change its naval posture because it is content with the status quo.  Iran continues to validate the axiom, and the latest announcement from her busy naval leadership is that the Islamic Republic will deploy a naval task force to the Atlantic in the near future as “part of a program to ply international waters.”

The development is not surprising, considering that Iran has maintained an antipiracy task force presence off Somalia for nearly three years now, sent a two-ship task force on an expedition to Syria earlier this year, and announced the deployment of a submarine to the Red Sea in June.

Granted, Continue reading “Awesome news: Iran to deploy naval task force to the Atlantic Ocean”

Blindingly Obvious in Honduras

Obama has shown his political leanings very clearly in his choice of where to intervene in foreign politics: on behalf of an aspiring dictator in Honduras.

Can there be anyone left who is deceived as to what Barack Obama’s political leanings are?   He has made it clear in June 2009 exactly where his sympathies lie, in multiple ways.  Of course he supports the intrusive, commerce- and jobs-killing cap-and-trade bill, and the Obamacare health plan that starts out cutting Medicare, and continues the cutting of health care availability from there.

But one of the starkest and least-spinnable pieces of evidence we have received came this weekend, when Obama’s “meddling” in the political affairs of a foreign country became evident.  The desperate demonstrations of disenfranchised Iranians for more liberal government could not engage his interest, even to the point of expressing rhetorical support for their cause.  The best Obama has done so far is affirm that the Iranian government should not hack the people down in the streets.  A correct sentiment, that, and one that we all share – but clearly not the affirmation of the principles of constitutional government, honest and open government, civil rights, and government by the people that America, of all nations, should be making at this juncture; and in explicit support of the Iranian protestors.

Instead, where Obama has chosen to intervene abroad is regarding the hold on power of President Manuel Zelaya Rosales of Honduras, whom I profiled here last week. Continue reading “Blindingly Obvious in Honduras”

The LatAm Gambit

Iran is charging another chokepoint in the Americas — and the US border. A lot.

The Iranian economy that is in shambles is apparently no obstacle to an Iranian “economic” push into Latin America that has politicians and journalists sitting up and taking notice.  Meanwhile, Hizballah has been making money off the narcotics trade in Latin America for years; but many who are familiar with Hizballah’s recent anti-Semitic activities in Venezuela are not so well-versed in Hizballah’s connection with drug trafficking, from Argentina and Brazil to Panama, Mexico, and the United States.  Hizballah, moreover, has overtly political adherents in a number of Latin American nations, in at least one of which (Brazil) its status has been tacitly considered, for some time, to be that of a political party rather than a terrorist group. Continue reading “The LatAm Gambit”