BREAKING: Has Ayatollah Khamenei died?

Interesting times.

(Iranian press image)
(Iranian press image)

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Apocalypse watch

Apocalypse postponed?

If you were wondering how things are coming along for the Ahmadinejad faction and its expectations about the 12th imam, it appears that 5 June passed without prophetic incident.  But supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei seems to have taken the “5 June” prediction seriously, at least as a potential political crisis.

The import of the predicted 5 June event, according to the Ahmadinejad faction, was supposed to be that Khamenei would become dispensable to the ongoing immanentization of the Mahdist eschaton.  It would no longer be an act of heresy or rebellion against Allah to attack Khamenei and his regime, because the Mahdi was ready to be represented Continue reading “Apocalypse watch”