Obama brother update: Hamas link, Jewish link

Children of Abraham.

Malik Obama in Yemen in 2010
Malik Obama in Yemen in 2010

Malik Obama is Barack Obama’s Kenyan half-brother, and has been known for some time to have problematic connections, including – according to Saudi press reporting – an official role with the Islamic Dawa Organization, and close links to Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir and the Muslim Brotherhood. Continue reading “Obama brother update: Hamas link, Jewish link”


Pulling out of Benghazi: These colors run scared

Pulling punches.

Remember the slogan “These colors don’t run,” captioning the American flag?

Neither does al Qaeda.

Why should they?  They’ve just won.  They have forced us out of Benghazi.  It did take multiple attacks over several months, and the gruesome torture and murder of our ambassador, to edge us out.  But the job is done now.  We’re running scared.

Instead of sticking with our commitment to a new Libya, one in which Americans have friendship and influence – one in which we can walk free, and so can Libyans – we have closed our post in Benghazi and Continue reading “Pulling out of Benghazi: These colors run scared”

Kenya taking charge in Horn of Africa – Thumbs up or down?

Bullets over Kismayo.

In news you may not have heard anything about, Kenyan troops are pressing an advance on the Somali coastal city of Kismayo, and the Kenyan navy is sinking ships associated with the Somali Islamist terror group Al-Shabaab offshore.

An ill-governed, splintered Somalia has been a thorn in the side of the region for 20 years, and international efforts to impose peace on the troubled nation have struggled just to remain credible, much less achieve their objectives.  Responding last fall to an increase in Al-Shabaab-sponsored terror attacks on her soil, Kenya has put together a campaign of military force to suppress Al-Shabaab action.  The latest effort in the campaign is rather more than that, however: Continue reading “Kenya taking charge in Horn of Africa – Thumbs up or down?”

Awesome news: Iran to deploy naval task force to the Atlantic Ocean

Mullahs ahoy.

It is one of Dyer’s Axioms that a nation doesn’t change its naval posture because it is content with the status quo.  Iran continues to validate the axiom, and the latest announcement from her busy naval leadership is that the Islamic Republic will deploy a naval task force to the Atlantic in the near future as “part of a program to ply international waters.”

The development is not surprising, considering that Iran has maintained an antipiracy task force presence off Somalia for nearly three years now, sent a two-ship task force on an expedition to Syria earlier this year, and announced the deployment of a submarine to the Red Sea in June.

Granted, Continue reading “Awesome news: Iran to deploy naval task force to the Atlantic Ocean”