Court-packing: Obama to succeed where FDR failed

In plain sight.

It’s sitting there as plain as the nose on your face.  The purpose of filleting the filibuster, Harry Reid’s latest contribution to the advance of mob rule, is to allow Barack Obama to pack the federal courts with ideologically sympathetic judges.

This is not a Tea Party allegation; it’s the conclusion of Mark 1-Mod 0 liberal-leaning staff writers at the major news organizations.  You’ve probably heard it yourself in the hours since Reid pushed the “nuclear” button yesterday:  “filibuster mumble mumble judiciary/justices/court mumble mumble” goes the standard media patter on the topic.  Outside of the industry-insider media in Washington, however, there is little emphasis on the specifics and meaning of the court-packing plan.

And other than on talk radio, there aren’t a lot of pundits clarifying what will be involved.  The average person’s imagination probably goes to Continue reading “Court-packing: Obama to succeed where FDR failed”

One Thing Is Clear

The civilian trial of KSM and his henchmen is a political move with potentially disastrous consequences.

The Obama administration’s decision to have a civilian trial for the 9/11 terrorists is a political one.  The attorney general hasn’t foresworn military tribunals:  Abd-al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the USS Cole attacker, is to be brought before one.  There is no doubt of the guilt of the 9/11 plotters:  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the four others being sent to New York for trial.  No trial is required to establish that they committed the crimes they are charged with.  The defendants even told their military judge in December 2008 that they wanted to plead guilty, dispense with a trial of any kind, and proceed directly to execution.  In fact, they outlined at the time precisely what they were prepared to plead guilty to, a list that extends well beyond the 9/11 attacks.

Nothing relevant to deciding the fate of the terrorists will be revealed in the civilian trial. Continue reading “One Thing Is Clear”