Chinese warship arrives off Syria

Your father’s international order, nowhere in sight.


Chinese frigate Yancheng, thrilling the ladies in Cyprus. (Reuters photo.)
Chinese frigate Yancheng, thrilling the ladies in Cyprus. (Reuters photo.)

How many warships does it take to remove chemical weapons from Syria?  One more this week than it took last week, apparently.  If you’re a big, important country with a big, important navy, you want to be involved in the good-citizenship exercise in Syria.

A 31 December deadline for getting some of the chemical stockpile to waiting ships in Latakia was missed, as readers will remember.  But it looks like Continue reading “Chinese warship arrives off Syria”

Syria: Update on maritime matters

Rumors of maritime shenanigans.

In a destabilizing region, the hits will come from all sides.  Egyptian authorities are confirming reports that terrorists with RPGs attacked a Panamanian-flagged cargo ship (Chinese-chartered) in the Suez Canal on 31 August (video here).  Not unnaturally, the insurance market is reacting sharply.

This is as good a time as any to deal with two reports floating in the infosphere.  One is that China has moved warships off the coast of Syria, an allegation sourced to a Russian website,

Chinese warships? Continue reading “Syria: Update on maritime matters”