Egyptian crisis: It’s the “holy war,” stupid

Baby don’t want no jihad.

It took a couple of weeks for the crisis to come to a head.  But the origins of the Morsi government’s crisis lie in Morsi’s radical call for a regional holy war on 15 June, when he cut diplomatic ties with the Assad regime in Syria, and proposed to throw Egypt’s weight behind the Sunni salafist opposition.

Although this move was widely reported at the time, Western media for the most part took no special note of it.  A number of outlets did report, two days earlier, on a policy announcement from the Morsi government authorizing Egyptian citizens to join the fight against Assad.  Egyptian cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and a long-time associate of Mohammed Morsi and his senior advisors, had called on Muslims a few days before to go to Syria and fight Assad.

According to the Irish Times, the Egyptian military was having none of this: Continue reading “Egyptian crisis: It’s the “holy war,” stupid”

And now a word from Mohammed Morsi

Interesting times.

In the “Stuff you can’t make up” category, here (short video) is a brief glimpse of one of the newly elected Egyptian leader’s campaign themes for his nation’s landmark election.

The key slogans from a Morsi rally on 5 June 2012 are the following (the Memri clips, posted at DiscloseTV, are from an Al Jazeera broadcast): Continue reading “And now a word from Mohammed Morsi”