Shep Smith stunned: Obama administration falls apart, ignores airliner shootdown

Hubris, ate — what comes next?

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U.S. sends dangerously mixed signals on Israel as a Jewish state

With friends like these.


Reassuring the world, one faux pas at a time.
Reassuring the world, one faux pas at a time.

America seems to be the loopy, crazy-aunt ally that requires endless forgiveness these days.  State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki made headlines on Saturday because of comments in an interview with Al-Quds, the Palestinian Arabic news outlet, in which she said the following: Continue reading “U.S. sends dangerously mixed signals on Israel as a Jewish state”

Obama’s Iran policy: The definition of insanity?

Psychosis in pursuit of bad deals is no vice?

A few days ago, there were shouts of “Vive la France!” as la France Surcouf stepped in to stop the Obama administration from concluding a bad nuclear deal with Iran.  French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said France wouldn’t be party to a “con game.”

But darned if the Obama administration isn’t back in the truffle hunt, rooting around for a deal with Iran.  You thought Team Obama was determined, against all signals from reality, to force a deal on Israel and the Palestinian Arabs?  That seems to be nothing, compared to Obama’s determination to sign a deal with Iran.

The smoke signals from last week suggested that the current round of P5+1 talks with Iran would break up Continue reading “Obama’s Iran policy: The definition of insanity?”